Sulbutiamine Review 2018 – Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is Sulbutiamine?

Sulbutiamine is known as the synthetic version for thiamine which is otherwise called Vitamin B1 in some places. It was first developed by the Japanese and is known to be a unique and different chemical compound. The Japanese developed it with the purpose to reverse the effects caused by the deficiency of Chronic B1.



And if you are one of them who are not aware, the lack of Vitamin B1 in one’s body can lead to some acute problems which are usually concerned with their memory along with one’s length for attention span, one’s alertness to the situation going on around in the surrounding and finally can affect the quality of one’s mood. An unsure sense of depression was seen to develop in the people who are suffering from the lack of Vitamin B1 in their body as well as their diet. Furthermore, this can result in increasing the height of dangers that can be developed due to lack of energy along with the improper duration of exercise.

In addition, the effects of Subultiamine were seen in the people who consumed it even after being a healthy individual who had no deficiency in the levels of Vitamin B1 in their body. If Subultiamine is used in the supplementation then it was demonstrated to have some nootropic effects which resulted in an energy level boost, mood, and cognition.

Benefits and Effects of Sulbutiamine

There are many well-known and remarked benefits which were reported after the use of Sulbutiamine. It was shown that the benefits and effects of Subultiamine were shown due to the enhancing effects which Subultiamine usually has on the neurons of one’s brain. It targets specifically the transmission abilities and the communication abilities in the brain. While the exact effects of the Subultiamine working are still under researches but still scientists were able to come up with the thesis of working on why Subultiamine can have these effects.

Many Subultiamine effects can be seen to be mental and cognitive in nature as by stimulating some activities in one’s brain it can act as a potent optimizer.

Some of the benefits and effects of Subultiamine consumption are listed below:

  • It can help in the Enhancement of mood

You can say that due to this effect and benefit of Subultiamine, this makes the primary selling point for it. You can search for some information on its usage and which might tell you the stories of how this chemical is also provided in some clubs and parties as a mood enhancer drug. You can also find some anecdotal reports of people who use Sulbutiamine to fight their state of depression along with other lower mood states.

There’s a bit complicated agreement from researchers on this effect of Sulbutiamine. In some studies, it was revealed that when Sulbutiamine is consumed regularly for 4 weeks on a daily basis then it improved the aspect of depression known as Psycho behavioral inhibition. But there are no researchers to support this claim of Subultiamine that it can defend the other aspects of depression in an effective manner too.

Furthermore, the provided anecdotal evidence is vast enough to no to require to you search for the stories of people who talk about how Subultiamine enhanced their moods along with their confidence levels. But still how this works & happens requires a study further.

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  • It can help in Memory Boost & Cognition

The other claim of using Subultiamine claims to act as a cognitive enhancement. It is treated as a chemical which can help you in thinking in a better way by taking a part in improving your memory.

Although it can’t be said that it is true but still a study revealed that Sulbutiamine can help in enhancing one’s long-term memory formation.

A study conducted using mice that were supplemented with Sulbutiamine for around 10-day duration showed that the subjects of the study did show some improvements when they tried to attempt any task which they were previously familiar with it compared to those who weren’t supplemented with Sulbutiamine.

According to a researcher, the present results and previous findings do suggest that Sulbutiamine can help in improving one’s memory formation along with that this effect of one’s behavior can also be mediated by increasing the hippocampal cholinergic activity.

This was said in accordance with the anecdotal reports which had various claims that people are able to perform their mental tasks in a better way and are having an easy time to recall essential information from the past.

  • It can help in fighting Fatigue Factor

It is said that Sulbutiamine can help you in fighting the fatigue by letting you have a boost in the levels of your energy even when you feel as if you don’t have any left in your body.

This is commonly said and reported by the users who consume Sulbutiamine on a daily basis and is partially supported by some data. Earlier the researchers suggested that consuming Sulbutiamine on a daily basis along with combined care for infection around 15 days can help in reducing the weakness and fatigue factors in the people who have an infection.

Again there are no researchers which can support this fact and the only thing you can find in its support are the reviews and some people on the internet who says that it is effective even after not having any research support.

  • It helps in increasing the alertness along with the energy levels

Depending upon an ongoing scientific research and medical research is the source for showing the specific effect of Subultiamine on the levels of dopamine in the human brain.

It has been seen that Sulbutiamine can help in stimulating the ability of the users to help in focusing their concentration on particular tasks along with enhances their ability to react and perceive effectively to the things which are happening around them in their surroundings. Therefore, a lot of people have reported that Sulbutiamine is the best study aid due to its effect on the alertness along with the energy levels.

  • It helps in improving mood and reducing the anxiety

According to anecdotally, Subultiamine is said to have been shown positive effects on the general mood of its consumers especially when it comes to the matter of reducing the anxiety. Furthermore, this is said to be due to the Subultiamine’s ability which helps in stimulating the dopamine levels in one’s brain. In addition, it was seen that it also increases the ability to focus along with concentrate on a particular task and also the tasks generally going on in the surrounding which eventually leads to natural mood improvement.

As it has such effects of increasing the focusing and concentrating abilities, the consumers of Subultiamine who consume it daily or on a regular basis have reported that it has a positive effect on one’s general mood especially when it is regarding to the fact that it actually decreases their general level of anxiety and nervousness even in the social interactions which were a great source of misapprehension along with fear.

Furthermore, the abilities of Sulbutiamine to help in relieving stress and levels of anxiety are the other portion of the ongoing medical and scientific research which surrounds this substance.

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Working of Sulbutiamine

Sulbutiamine is considered as the synthetic version of thiamine as because it alleviates the positive effects which are related to Vitamin B1. This is again considered as the main reason for the many people who prefer Subultiamine instead of general thiamine along with that is crosses the blood and brain barrier with more ease which gives quick rise to more strong results than thiamine.

After crossing the blood and brain barrier, Sulbutiamine can have a direct and immediate effect on the cholinergic, dopamine receptors and glutamatergic which influences some essential activities which include concentration, mood, and memory. Furthermore, as Sulbutiamine is fat soluble hence, it can spread widely and rapidly throughout one’s brain & body which quickly makes its presence known very soon by the magnitude and scope of its further effects on someone.

Doses of Sulbutiamine

For providing you a precise definition for the correct dose of Subultiamine which is practically not possible to be offered on a generalized basis of how much and how low or not any quantity of substance you are required to notify the positive results it has, one has to depend on a lot of different factors.

These factors can include your own natural biochemistry along with metabolism and your general health level and tolerance against prescribing medications. Furthermore, the supplements you might be consuming at the same moment may have either a positive or negative effect depending on how effective Subultiamine works for you.

Therefore, before you start taking Subultiamine you should consult your doctor who can help you in determining whether the supplement of Sulbutiamine is right for you or not. Further, the recommended average dose of Subultiamine usually varies between the levels of 400 mg to 800 mg which should not be exceeded in the span of 24 hours. Once you find the certain dose amount or level which is right for you then you can start consuming the supplement soon.

It doesn’t matter whether you take Sulbutiamine in bulk form or the pill form but you should remember that it is fat soluble and not water soluble which means that though Subultiamine can work more quick when taken along with some liquid but still it doesn’t have the capability to be mixed along with common juices such as apple, orange and so on which are related with the intake of supplements for health along with that should be taken with some fat sources which include oil, milk, etc. If you are planning on taking Subultiamine then it is essential to note that the tolerance can set in as instantly with its positive effects which can begin to vanish sometimes which can be within less than a week.

Therefore, this is why Sulbutiamine is recommended to Subultiamine cycles or should be saved for the times particularly when you require to use the extra boost.

Stacking of Sulbutiamine

After reading so much about Sulbutiamine you might be thinking about with whom you should be stacking you Subultiamine with if you desire to achieve the maximum positives results and effects.

Listed below are some stacking options you can choose from for taking your Sulbutiamine:

  • Sulbutiamine + Choline Stack + Huperzine A

For a good start, stacking Subultiamine with huperzine and Choline sources such as Alpha GPC can be a good idea.


  • 1 or 2 times per day
  • 400 mg of Sulbutiamine
  • 200 mg of Huperzine A
  • 300 mg of Alpha GPC

Huperzine A:

It is a supplement which is derived from one of the mundane herb known as Irish moss which works by slowing the decomposition of Acetylcholine. This is done by making sure that the maximum level of this molecule can help in increasing your ability to concentrate and focus. Along with this, the choline works by a concert with Huperzine A to make sure that the maximum power and capacity of the memory for particular concentrated attention. Alpha GPC has an edge when it comes to pure concentrated choline content. This is because Alpha GPC comprises 40 percentile by weight. But for the individuals who are also looking for the supplements to help their capacity of motivations and to provide relief from anxiety, they can use citicoline for a better choice as it has better effects on the brain’s dopamine receptors.

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  • Sulbutiamine + Choline Stack + Aniracetam

You can also stack Subultiamine with racetam class of nootropics for better results. Choosing from the racetams, aniracetam can be a good choice to stack with Sulbutiamine and is also a common choice. This is as Aniracetam has same effects on mood and cognition and enhancing effects just like Sulbutiamine.


  • 1 to 2 times per day
  • 400 mg of Sulbutiamine
  • 800 mg of Aniracetam
  • 300 mg of Alpha GPC

Side Effects of Sulbutiamine

The best part of consuming Sulbutiamine is that relatively has a lack of harmful side effects. Probably the most mundane side effect of Subultiamine can be the increase in the levels of anxiety and one’s irritability. A few consumers have reported regarding nausea as a side effect but the reports are anyways minimal.

Furthermore, such kind of side effects can appear due to using more than the recommended dosage of Subultiamine and can appear if the supplement stays ingested.

Furthermore, users may develop a tolerance after consuming the supplement for a while and hence may require a higher dosage which eventually can lead to such kind of side effects.

Hence, it is suggested that if you have already started developing a tolerance against the supplement then you may require stopping consuming it for a while and then start the cycle again. This will also help in avoiding side effects as well as to get more out of the supplement.

Where to buy Sulbutiamine

It is available in two different forms. These are:

  1. Bulk Powder
  2. Capsule

You can choose according to your preference and also your budget from either of these two forms. Though buying the supplements in a bulk form may be cheaper than the capsules but if the capsule form is more of your choice and you find it more convenient than you also have this option.

You can find Sulbutiamine on online websites such as Amazon and buy from there or any other nootropic seller sites or outlets.

Sulbutiamine Alternatives

You can take out the best from Subultiamine when you stack it with other supplements. But in case if you find yourself desiring to substitute it with another compound or a single compound which you can use for your regular metal supplementation requirements. Then you can try the listed below alternatives for Subultiamine:

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