super beta prostate

Super Beta Prostate review- Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

What is super beta prostate?

Addressing prostate related issues becomes increasingly common after the mid 40’s, and using medicines for a healthy functioning prostate has become quite common. A healthy prostate automatically means uninterrupted movie dates, trips with kids, playing golf and hiking with friends with ease. Prostate conditions not only affect your health internally but also will cause an interruption in such outdoor activities. The constant urges to take a trip to the washroom is common after developing prostate conditions and is equally irritating. Frequent urination increased pains, and deteriorating health are the common issues related to the prostate related problem. Address the issues effectively with New Vitality Super beta prostate, and promote general prostate wellness.

Prostate problems are most commonly seen in men above the age of 50 years. It has become a prevalent problem, and at times people with an enlarged prostate have to undergo surgery as well. The prostate is a delicate organ of the male reproductive system, and the early signs of its dysfunction include the presence of blood in urine, frequent urge to urinate, inability to urinate, painful ejaculation, etc. So if you are facing any of these warning signs, it is advised to seek medical consultation. However, if you want to improve the health of your prostate and get rid of the urge to urinate at every other minute, then Super Beta Prostate can become a lifesaver. Read on to find out what Super Beta Prostate can offer you.

super beta prostate

Super beta prostate overview

It is a natural supplement that promotes prostate wellness and effectively aids in bladder control. How irritating is waking up every night at least for three times just to visit the bathroom? It becomes all the more irritating while watching a beautiful dream or during winters when the urge to get out of the blanket is minimum. Regular consumption of this natural prostate care supplement not only reduces the frequent urge to urinate but also aids proper sleep by minimizing bathroom trips. These super effective capsules support proper urinary functioning and maintain a healthy prostate.

Ingredients used in Super beta prostate

This prostate care supplement is formulated using a subtle blend of Chromium, manganese, copper, zinc, natural plant sterols, Vitamin D and so on. The main ingredient used to create this unique formula is knobeta-sitosterolsterol, found in a variety of plants including legumes, nuts, oils, fruits, and some vegetables. This is the primary ingredient used in formulating this capsule and has been clinically proven to positively effect prostate health. All the ingredients used are targeted towards providing proper nutrients to the prostate for healthy functioning.

Vitamin D and Calcium helps improve bladder contractile force, and puts a stop to back pooling of urine. The various trace elements used including chromium and iodine offers immunity and helps fight against various types of pathogens. Beta sisoterol is enriched with healthy fatty acids and is extremely beneficial to patients suffering from BPH, a type of prostate inflammation caused after 30’s.

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Why do we need healthy prostate?

Prostate is a small gland and is a part of the male reproductive organs, and is subject to change at two different phases of life. The prostate changes once during the teenage years during puberty, and is prone to changes after the age of thirty. Improper prostate care can lead to prostate enlargement, BPH or prostate inflammation. No matter what the condition is that you develop, you are bound to face similar consequences. Other than frequent bathroom trips, and improper sleep at night you are also bound to face difficulties in sexual activities. Prostate enlargement caused after the age of mid 30’s can also lead to prostate cancer. It is always advisory for men above 40’s to consult a doctor and get their prostates checked periodically for better body functioning.

You can either completely ignore your prostate and urinary health, or you can go consult a physician and start taking proper doses of new vitality super beta prostate. This prostate care formula aids smooth urinary and prostate functioning. The key ingredient used to formulate this product called beta-sitosterol has been proven to have a positive effect on prostate health.

About New Vitality

We are a brand dedicated o manufacture nutritional supplements, based in Farmingdale, New York. Our company was founded by an experienced team of fitness and nutrition experts, and we go by the motto of helping people stay younger and live longer. Our true commitment lies in providing people with the opportunity of improving their appearance by safeguarding their health. All our products have been developed after constant research and have been effectively proven to help maintain healthy brain and body. The products we manufacture are created with a blend of selective natural ingredients that aids good health with causing any damage to the body.

With endorsements of the super beta prostate ruling in the market, the necessary question related to its composition arises. The makers of the super beta prostate have combined ten various ingredients in a proprietary formula to design this natural supplement that is beneficial for men above 50years.

  • Beta Sitosterol

Beta Sitosterol forms the key composing element of the super beta prostate. This is a natural plant sterol mostly found in a variety of plants, nuts, avocados, etc. This particular component is rich in fatty acid and helps in treating the prostate related disorder and helps in reshaping the prostate back to its normal size, especially for individuals who are suffering from Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

  • Trace Elements

Super beta prostate is a blend of a variety of minerals like zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, chromium, molybdenum, to name a few. All these elements combined acts as a shield around the prostate, thus blocking the path of any pathogen. The presence of such vital minerals makes it lead as the best prostate supplement available in the market.

  • Vitamin D and Calcium

Super beta prostate contains vitamin D that helps to improve the bladder contractile force and prevents the frequent need to visit the washroom at odd hours, especially during bedtime.

Apart from these three elements, Super Beta Prostate also contains Stearic Acid, Micro Crystalline Cellulose, Oyster Shell, Croscarmellose Sodium, Magnesium Stearate, and Pharmaceutical Glaze. All these components combine and help in providing a remedy for a prostate related ailment.

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Why super beta prostate?

The key ingredient used to formulate Super Beta Prostate has been clinically tested and proven to endow prostate care benefits. Beta-sitosterol aids healthy prostate functioning encourages healthy urinary functions and supports better urinary flow. Each serving contains approximately 600mg of plant sterols and 200 gms of the primary ingredient. It also contains 10 additional minerals and vitamins that promote general wellness while tackling prostate related issues. The reason for its ever growing preference is the fact that Super Beta Prostate is formulated using natural and safe ingredients, and has benefited men across the globe.

Is super beta prostate safe?

When it comes to selecting products for promoting health and fitness, ‘quality’ and ‘natural’ are the two keywords that should be kept in mind. You may come across hoards of different products that might claim to offer quick results. Sometimes most of these products claim to start showing positive reactions within a month. People fall prey to the claims made by such brands, and start using such lethal medicines. Why lethal? It may not cause or show any negative effects on the body now, but the harmful chemicals used starts piling within the body and show dangerous reactions in the future. Most of these chemicals tend to remain in the body for a longer time and it is always difficult to flush the body of such substances using a detox therapy. Sticking to natural solutions that are made of natural ingredients is always a better option, for it will not show any serious side effects.

New vitality super beta prostate uses all natural ingredients like molybdenum, beta sitosterol, natural plant sterols, Vitamin D etc. According to the results of a recent research, approximately 75% of its current users would be more than willing to recommend this product to close friends. The reason for such a positive response is because the formula is safe, effective, and 100% natural.

Pros of Super Beta Prostate

  • Super beta prostate is an all natural supplement targeted to promote healthy urinary and prostate functioning.
  • Beta sitosterol which is the key ingredient used has been clinically proven to reduce bathroom urges, and help sleep better at night.
  • Super beta prostate helps support bladder control, sleep, and energy.
  • Made of all natural ingredients including a subtle blend of mixed plant sterols that offer several general health benefits too.
  • Reduces the chances of developing prostate cancer at an early age.

Bid goodbye to the constantly recurring urge to visit the bathroom. Now you no longer have to take numerous stops to visit the bathroom while heading someplace. Avoid developing serious bladder conditions, and maintain a healthy urine flow with New Vitality Super beta prostate.

After consuming super beta prostate for almost a week, patients can see an apparent decrease in their need to urinate at every hour especially during the night.

  • For those who are tired of an enlarged gland, this natural supplement efficiently helps to bring the prostate gland to its original size and relieving you from discomfort.
  • Prostate disorders are further enhanced with bladder contraction that creates a back pooling of urine. Super beta prostate eases the natural flow of urination.
  • Lastly, this product reduces the burning sensation which often occurs post urination.

Cons of Super Beta Prostate

The product is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients and does not use any objectionable colors or preservatives. This has definitely reduced the risk of any major side effects. However, they might be a few possible side effects caused by regular dosage of super beta prostate.

  • People prone to skin allergies may witness the eruption of rashes or itchy skin condition.
  • Taking more than the recommended dosage may lead to vomiting, dyspepsia, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • People who have digestion related problems may face gastric indigestion and nausea.

The effect of every medication varies from person to person. Even after successfully proving itself as a natural method of curing a prostate ailment, yet there are few possible disadvantages or side effects associated with it.

  • Nausea:

Super beta prostate can cause nausea in some individual. After having super beta prostate, an individual can feel dizzy and can have an urge to vomit as well.

  • Gastrointestinal effects:

As stated, beta-sitosterol is the primary component present in the super beta prostate. But too much intake of this component often leads to the gastrointestinal impacts like heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

  • Sexual disadvantage:

An enlarged prostate is always a hindrance for sexual intercourse. But if you thought that by consuming super beta prostate you could enjoy your sexual life to its fullest, then you are wrong.  Beta-sitosterol affects male hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone which can lead to erectile dysfunctioning during sex.

Why has Super beta prostate gained worldwide popularity?

The efficacy of the product lies in the combination of phytochemicals, natural herbs, and beta sisosterol. With no complaints registered till date about any major side effects caused by this product, people are now less skeptical about its efficacy and quality. It has been proven to enhance prostate health and promote healthy urine flow.

Super Beta Prostate Conclusion

With all its advantages and disadvantages, super beta prostate still rules the market because no other supplement can surpass it concerning the quality, effectiveness, and cost. It has proved itself by minimalizing the ailment a person with enlarged prostate often faces. It helps you enjoy a better love life and as well helps you get an adequate amount of sleep, which was otherwise getting hindered due to the frequent urination urge during night time. So, instead of further going in detailed survey and comparison with other products, it is now the best suited time for you to place your order for the super beta prostate.

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