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Super Male Vitality Review 2019- Is this Testosterone Booster worth buying?

What is Super Male Vitality?

With a hoard of available male enhancement supplements in the market, it is difficult to choose the ones that are right for you. The supplements in the market range from enlargers to libido enhancements and all of them have a wide range of claims when it comes to the results. However, in order to understand what works for you, you need to understand how these supplements function. Most supplements use steroids or nitrates that can alter your physical state in order to improve your performance. These are synthetic supplements that have a wide range of side effects that come along with it. Then there are natural supplements, these ones use natural ingredients and create a blend that improves your strength and performance by nudging your physiology. Natural supplements do not have many side effects and are recommended by various professionals. It is obvious that you should opt for the natural supplements available in the market. One such new supplement that has raised everyone’s curiosity is the Super Male Vitality. Super male Vitality enhances your testosterone levels by acting as a natural boost to the system. It is claimed to be 100% natural, safe, and effective by its manufacturers.

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About Super Male Vitality

Super Male Vitality is manufactured by Infowars Life, an Austin based firm that believes in providing, natural, safe and effective products for the benefit of the users. Super male Vitality is known to increase the testosterone levels in your body with its natural ingredients that form a potent combination of herbs and extracts in order to give you safe and effective results. Super Male Vitality is a new formula that is improved upon the original formula and is more potent and effective than the original one. The new formula promises to provide the users with overall wellness like sexual capacity, stamina, and general physical performance if used along with lifestyle changes. A  bottle of Super Male Vitality costs USD 69.95 on the Infowars Life website. However, it is on sale and a 2 oz bottle is available for USD 59.95. On Amazon, the same bottle is priced at USD 63.99. As per the packaging, there are other discounts available on Amazon too.

A healthy lifestyle and a boost of Super Male Vitality can be just the push that one needs for a better life full of health. One of the major positive aspects of Super Male Vitality is that it uses extremely high-quality ingredients for premium usage which are then processed through a process known as Spagyrex. This process turns the preparation of the natural ingredients and herbs into liquid and this liquid is the base for the product. Additionally, this process is incredible as it does not alter the ingredients in any manner but simply extracts its powerful essence in order to make it more effective and useful.

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Super Male Vitality Ingredients

Let us take a look at all the ingredients that are used in Super Male Vitality

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Suma
  • Ashwagandha
  • Maca
  • Avena sativa
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Catuaba
  • Muira Puama
  • Fulvic Acid

All these ingredients are known to improve physical and mental strength and improve virility and vitality. The ingredients do not mess with your systems but rather give it a boost.


The Results of Super Male Vitality are a matter of discussion as there aren’t many reviews available. However, the users have claimed that the natural ingredients genuinely offer a safe product sans any side effects that can be used without any complications or worries. Various other users have reported an increase in their libido and vitality, which has led to overall wellness in their lives.

The Liquid formula definitely makes it easier to be absorbed by the body and hence acts faster. Another positive aspect is that Super Male Vitality does not contain any additives or fillers. Hence, it can be safely assumed that the claims of it being safe and effective are true. On top of that, the product is easily available on Amazon as well as other websites and there are various offers and discounts that are available for the same.

However, the formula might not be suitable for everyone as the active ingredients can react differently for everyone. Therefore, the results may vary from user to user.

Some of the important factors to remember when buying this product are that

This blend uses high-quality ingredients that are completely natural and function well together to provide renewed energy, stamina, sex drive, and general health. The product also uses a special process known as the Spagyrex. The efficient extraction of the ingredients helps obtain the most potent essence of the natural herbs. On top of this, this formula is improved from the previous one and is, therefore, more effective.


Infowars products generally have a good reputation in the market as their natural ingredients policy cuts down the side effects that come with the products.  The products are known to be at least somewhat effective by all the users. Which makes it a big hit in the market by default. However, the assumption lies on the backs of a finite number of reviews available and there are no studies or tests that prove the effectiveness of the product. On top of that, Super Male Vitality is quite an investment at USD 69.99 for 2 oz. The exorbitant price is not justified by its claims of safety and natural ingredients.

And the handful of reviews of effectiveness do not make up for the price either. So our recommendation is to opt for numerous other available alternatives if you can as the price range and the benefits do not add up to make it effective. On the other hand, the product is quite good if the price is to be completely neglected. So if you can afford the product for regular use and are willing to team it up with a healthy lifestyle, this could be the product for you.  However, for everyone else, this product is passable. The fact of the matter remains that there are multiple products on the market that will provide these results at a much lower cost.

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