Superdrol Review – Benefits And Side Effects (updated July 2019)

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What is Superdrol?

Are you looking for prohormones to build endurance and mass gains? With the sheer range of bodybuilding supplements available in the market, it can take some time assessing all your options and choosing a product, combined with the general lack of accessibility to anabolic steroids. However, chances are that you’ve come across the name Superdrol in your research and are in the process of gathering information about it.


Superdrol is the brand name of a kind of anabolic steroid sold by Anabolic Extreme. The active hormone in Superdrol is called Methyldrostanolone, and it was launched in 2005 in the U.S. to huge success, but hit a roadblock when it was discontinued in 2006. While that marked the end of the brand Superdrol, its constituent compound continued to be sold freely in variations before finally being placed on a controlled substance list in 2012.

Despite known benefits, Superdrol is not the cleanest name in the game. Besides the risk and legality factors associated with acquiring it, there are several vulnerabilities that come with the usage of Methyldrostanolone. Let’s figure them out in detail.

Who Makes Superdrol

Syntex Corporation was the first pharmaceutical company to research this hormone and developed and brought into the market by Anabolic Extreme in 2005. It was carried by every major supplement company and enjoyed huge popularity among athletes before being discontinued.

Supplement companies and pharmacies have since tried to recreate the formulation of Superdrol to create similar compounds but none have been able to recreate the success of the original product. In recent years, overseas production of Superdrol has seen a resurgence and the product can now be purchased with little risk, though not completely free as yet.

Superdrol Ingredients

The most important active ingredient in Superdrol is an anabolic steroid called methyl drostanolone, with methyl groups added to make it safe to ingest and give the user enhanced anabolic power. This was also the reason behind it being discontinued in 2005. Superdrol’s anabolic rating is one of the highest in the steroid market at 400. It’s androgenic rating in shockingly low for a steroid of its power – a mere 20, which makes it incredibly easy to use compared to other steroids and also remains the biggest reason people are drawn to the product.

The current Superdrol products being sold in the market contain none of the prohormones banned by the U.S. Instead, they use DHEA proponents to achieve the Superdrol formulation. The first ingredient, 4-DHEA or 4-Andro employs a conversion process with two stages so that it never converts to actual testosterone while in the body, but gives similar results. 4-DHEA also significantly reduces the hepatotoxicity of the original Superdrol formulation.

The second ingredient, 1-Andro or 1-DHEA, minimizes water retention and preserves lean muscle, giving you muscle hardness, while ingredient 6-oxo facilitates greater metabolism and allows you to accomplish much more than you usually do.

Benefits of using Superdrol

Superdrol was initially marketed as the big brother of Anadrol and said to be the biggest mass builder in the market. While it has not proved itself comparable to Anadrol or even others in its range, it does offer some significant benefits, which are:

  • Improves protein synthesis, leading to stronger metabolism and cleaner gains, while also allowing muscles to grow and repair much faster than usual.
  • Improves nitrogen synthesis, which is crucial for the production of new muscular tissue in the body and allow athletes to gain twice the amount of lean muscle mass in half the time.
  • Increases production of red blood cells to give you better endurance, energy and stronger immunity.
  • Allows for lean tissue to be preserved for those in the middle of dieting and causes loss of fat instead.
  • Does not require the use of an anti-estrogen as androgen levels are quite low.
  • Doesn’t cause water retention like Anadrol did, resulting in much cleaner and faster gains an overall sharper looking musculature.

One of the biggest reasons this product continues to enjoy popularity among athletes and bodybuilders is because it allows one to lose fat to dieting while simultaneously both preserving and creating new lean muscle tissue, a function almost unheard of in most steroids.

Side Effects And Vulnerabilities

Every steroid on the market currently comes with a huge pros and cons list. In this case, the cons seem to be much heavier than the pros. It is of utmost importance to do detailed research about the side effects of the steroid you’re choosing to go with, and only you can accurately determine that for yourself.

Let’s look at how the usage of this drug makes you vulnerable in three key areas:

  • Cholesterol: Causes rise in bad cholesterol levels while simultaneously lowering good cholesterol. Due to low water retention, can also bring about high blood pressure.
  • Testosterone: Suppresses natural production of testosterone, may need to be supplemented with exogenous testosterone.
  • Liver health: As a product of hepatotoxic nature, can cause significant damage to lungs in the absence of dietary and other precautions.

As far as androgenic levels go, Superdrol falls on the lower side. Most men fare decently as far as managing the androgenic effects of this product go, however, women can experience virilization in the form of body hair and clitoral enlargement.

Taking Superdrol

Dosage for most prohormones is decided based on individual sensitivity and biochemistry. Users are advised to start slow with a small dosage of 10 mg per day for the first week and increase it to 20 mg subsequently, for a period of two months. This usually means taking 1 or 2 capsules of food. Upping the dosage more than this is discouraged due to significant risks to liver health.

Due to its tendency to lower testosterone levels in the body, an exogenous supplement of testosterone is recommended during the cycle followed by a therapy program for restoration of testosterone post completion of the cycle. It’s perfectly fine to use Superdrol in a stack, provided one has learned all about the right combination of products. Make sure the different products you’re using aren’t canceling each other’s effects out or exacerbating side effects, which could be disastrous.

Who should not use Superdrol

The list of side effects of this steroid and the precautions that need to be taken with it is probably bigger than the benefits it offers. Those with cholesterol issues and poor liver health should not consume this steroid. Women are mostly advised against using this steroid, and for good reason: it can lead to increased body hair growth, enlargement of the clitoris and deepened vocal chords. These changes usually fade away with discontinuation of the product but can be irreversible in some cases. Those with a genetic predisposition to baldness can experience higher hair loss.

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It also comes with a lengthy list of precautions that must be observed while cycling with it. All other c17-aa steroids must be avoided while one is using this product. Consumption of alcohol is also a strict no while cycling with Superdrol owing to its hepatotoxic nature. If alcohol is consumed in addition to a product already stressful for the liver, the chances of damage are doubled. In addition to alcohol, there are several over the counter medicines also of a hepatotoxic nature, and these too must be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Take care not to go over the total usage period of two months, and refrain from going on any other anabolic steroids for at least the same period.

Where can I buy Superdrol

Buying Superdrol was both legal and easy until 2012 when it was placed on a controlled substances list. It was stocked by general health stores, pharmacies and supplement companies. Current over the counter availability of this product is almost nil since manufacturing was stopped several years ago. It has a cousin, however, Dymethazine, consisting of two Superdrol molecules, that is claiming the lost ground left behind by Superdrol.

Superdrol can be found online, however, though not in its original avatar, but as a methyl drostanolone hormone. While the U.S. has strict laws in place with both over the counter and online buying of this hormone, regulations are quite lax overseas.

Verdict on Superdrol

Superdrol is a product that promises a lot of benefits that sound seemingly impossible. And whether or not they are true, we may never know, since the product has been discontinued in the original form. If judging by the biggest ingredient in the product, it’s active hormone methyl drostanolone, Superdrol looks nothing spectacular. It sounds like a generic decent steroid with none of the “super’ benefits one hears of.

The most popular theory is that while it was unbanned and in the market, a group of marketers found what was lacking from the steroids market and crafted a marketing campaign for Superdrol that presented it as a miracle product and capitalized on it. There was a time it was easily available as well as affordable and gained popularity among athletes, but it remains a very basic steroid on its own.

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