T-Up Testosterone Booster Review 2019- Benefits & Side Effects

What is T-Up?

Shopping for a Testosterone supplement can literally give you a headache. The results for a quick “best T-boosters” search alone will provide you with dozens of results all of them recommending different supplements. When you search for individual products, you can almost get the impressions that the supplements are all heaven sent. This is because manufacturers have gone a notch higher with crazy marketing strategies. You will come across brilliant reviews by the producers with surreal images of stunning bodybuilders and women talking about how the supplements have helped them relive their 20s.


As if that’s not enough, looking at the user reviews can leave you even more confused. You will see different users saying entirely different things about the same supplement! Yes, there is an aspect of different supplements performing for specific people and not others, but even then the variation has grown so large making it increasingly difficult to decide which supplement to purchase. Some manufacturers have even gone to the extent of hiring people not just for marketing but to leave positive reviews about their products so we figured we really could not rely on these reviews to tell how effective a supplement is.

The one thing that supplement makers can’t cheat is the formula and ingredients used. With the knowledge of the compounds contained in these supplements, we can always estimate how well a particular product is expected to perform. T-Up, for instance, is one of the widely marketed t-booster.

T-Up Claims

T-Up promises to significantly increase testosterone levels within 12 days but does it really work?

The T-Up testosterone booster is specially designed with the primary ingredient being D-Aspartic Acid that stimulates one’s body to elevate the production of natural testosterone. A significant boost in this hormone if maintained at high levels results in the development of lean muscle mass and increased strength and energy levels. Every bodybuilder needs an increase in energy and above that, they need to see that their intensive gym sessions are paying off. Getting a product that can aid with the faster development of muscle mass will, therefore, be a significant boost not just physically but psychologically too and this is what T-Up offers as claimed by its manufacturers, Nutrex.

The supplement is also said to be capable of promoting faster recovery. Intensive workout sessions are always characterized by muscle soreness and overall exhaustion by the body. Some people are even forced to sometimes take two or more days of breaks due to fatigue and pain in the muscles and joints. T-Up is said to be capable of cutting down your recovery period which should enable you to focus more on bulking up the muscles.

For ultimate results, it is recommended that you use T-up along with an active workout regimen or plan. This should help you to put to use the amount of testosterone your body is generating. With the two strategies, Nutrex promises that athletes or any bodybuilders using their supplement will witness their optimal fitness dreams in a matter of weeks.

Nutrex has uploaded a report showing that users of T-Up witnessed a 49%-50% increase in testosterone within 12 days. Unfortunately, we have no idea how independent and reliable this report is, and hence we cannot use it to recommend the product. Instead, we have to dig in and figure out how the supplement works.

How does T-Up work?

Producing more testosterone and maintaining it at the high levels of your body to utilize them requires more than just D-Aspartic Acid. This amino acid has clinical trials showing its ability to increase testosterone, but it cannot work independently to deliver the results most bodybuilders seek. For optimal performance, the compound usually has to be formulated with other chemicals, and this is where most supplement manufacturers miss the point. Mixing ineffective and under-researched ingredients could not only reverse the positive effects of one compound, but it can also result in harmful effects on the user.

Has the T-Up ingredient combination been a success or not? Well, they have tried, but we don’t think it is good enough to be termed successful. Looking at the list provided only one chemical, Sodium D Aspartic Acid, has sufficient research to back up its potency. Zinc may also be considered as a useful addition to this formula, and that’s it! Most of the other ingredients used are either not well-studied or have no influence whatsoever on testosterone levels. Nevertheless, here is some information on some of the nutrients used.

  • Sodium D-Aspartic Acid

Our body functions in the form of back-and-forth signals from one site to another. In this sort of channel, the glands in the brain are one of the key sites where impulses are sent from to other locations that respond by secreting specific chemicals. Sodium DAA is a non-essential amino acid that is supplied in the body to assist your brain in producing a hormone that can help in the production of testosterone. Once Sodium DAA is detected by your brain, the brain will react by producing Luteinizing Hormone (LH). This hormone will, in turn, be utilized as a signal stimulating the testes to produce more natural free testosterone. T-levels will then rise in your body, and this will be felt through a boost in strength, energy, and stamina. Your body will start enduring more intensive and lengthy workouts. The amino acid is also believed to be useful in the elimination of unwanted fat in the body and faster development of lean muscle mass. An increase in testosterone is also expected to promote not just mental, sexual drive but better performance too.

Several studies back DAA’s ability to increase testosterone levels in the body. A few other studies, however, point out that an increase in testosterone caused by this amino acid is never permanent. Instead, it only lasts for seven days (10 maximum) after which testosterone levels drop down to the norm. To ensure that its impact stays for longer periods, it is suggested that you continuously use the acid or have it formulated alongside other chemicals that can keep the t-levels high.

  • Zinc

This a common mineral used to regulate enzymes in the body. Zinc also acts as an anti-oxidant and is believed to be useful in maintaining a robust immune system. The mineral is a favorite in testosterone supplements with several studies supporting its impact in increasing T-levels and its aphrodisiac properties. T-Up manufacturers are confident that the zinc in this supplement will improve muscle pumps and growth. Zinc can promote the supply of blood in sites like muscles thus providing nutrients and oxygen necessary for growth and recovery. It can also assist in improving stamina because as the muscle tissues get more nutrients and oxygen, it pumps you to perform better while reducing fatigue. If this improvement in blood supply is replicated in the penis, then the mineral can also assist in delivering harder and healthier erections.

  • Folic Acid

This chemical occurs in different kinds of foods where it is used by the body to facilitate faster absorption of other nutrients. There isn’t much information about this acid to show how it can help to increase testosterone in the body and hence its addition in the formula could be questionable.

  • Vitamin B6 and B12

Vitamin B6 is common in fish, fruits, roots, etc. According to the manufacturers, vitamin B6 is included in this formula due to its ability to promote glucose, lipid and amino acid metabolism which is crucial in providing stamina and strength in the body. It is hardly known whether it can influence testosterone levels or not.

B12 meanwhile is supposed to prevent inflammation of joints and muscles that may happen after heavy workouts. It also does not directly stimulate your body to make more testosterone.

Benefits of using T-Up

Nutrex claims that T-Up is the best supplement that will:

  • Increase energy
  • Boost stamina
  • Promote muscle growth
  • Enhance sex drive
  • Reduce recovery periods
  • Increase t-levels

Given that T-Up solely relies on DAA and Zinc, we believe that the formula is not quite powerful enough to deliver all of the claimed benefits.

Potential side effects of using T-Up

With the all-natural and few ingredients used, T-Up is mostly safe and very few side effects have been reported. High amounts of Zinc are, however, known to be harmful and hence it is recommended that patients do not overdose on this supplement. People already taking other medications should also consult their doctors before they start using T-Up.

Taking T-Up

T-Up should be used in cycles of 12 weeks each with a four weeks breaks in between. Users should take four capsules once per day preferably between meals. It’s recommended by the manufacturer that the supplement is taken for sixty days straight to achieve optimal results.

Where Can I buy T-Up?

T-Up is available at various online retail stores. The official manufacturer webpage sells the supplement at $59.99 for a one month supply (120 capsules). In certain seasonal sales, you get the item for as low as $29.95.

Verdict on T-Up

T-Up has only one convincing ingredient, and $59.99 sounds a bit too much to spend on such a product. You can honestly get the same benefits of this supplement by purchasing an exclusive DAA product which will be a lot cheaper. We also can’t help but notice the absence of some excellent T-boosting nutrients which should have replaced some of the used ingredients here. We will, therefore, recommend that you look for a supplement that has more than one essential nutrient because they perform a lot better and at a faster rate.


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