Myofascial Release (updated July 2019)

Myofascial Release

What is Myofascial Release? A Word on Muscle Fibers & Fascia If you train regularly, then your muscles are more than likely sore. They’re tight, tense, and hard to maneuver a few days after a workout. Sometimes, it feels like the muscle is so tight that it cannot move at all. This is because your … Read more Myofascial Release (updated July 2019)

The Best Protein Sources (updated July 2019)

What’s the Hype About Protein? In short, protein helps build muscles. Muscle fibers are made of protein, so incorporating more protein into the diet is essential. Typically, the amount of protein needed ranges from 0.8 – 1.2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight. Obviously, men need more and women need less. However, the amount needed is … Read more The Best Protein Sources (updated July 2019)

Squatting in Action: High Bar vs. Low Bar (updated July 2019)


If you’ve ever heard a powerlifter speak, they will undoubtedly talk about their low bar squat. Conversely, if you’ve ever heard a weightlifter or a commoner in the gym talk about their squat, they’ll probably mention about how their traps are red and sore from the bar. While there isn’t a slew of differences between … Read more Squatting in Action: High Bar vs. Low Bar (updated July 2019)

The Mechanics of Deadlifting (updated July 2019)

Mechanics of Deadlifting

What is a Deadlift? The Exercise Overview A deadlift is a compound power exercise, most commonly used by powerlifters. It engages more¬†muscles during one movement than any other compound lift. This makes it ideal for not only strengthening those muscles, but also is more efficient for those who lift with a time constraint. Deadlifts are … Read more The Mechanics of Deadlifting (updated July 2019)

Fasted Cardio (updated July 2019)

What is Fasted Cardio? More than likely, you’ve heard of someone performing fasted cardio. Simply put, fasted cardio is performing cardiovascular exercise without eating first.¬†Studies show that this type of morning cardio burns up to 20% more fat than performing cardio after eating. Because of this, fasted cardio is considered the king of cardiovascular exercises. … Read more Fasted Cardio (updated July 2019)