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TB 500 Review 2019- Benefits & Side effects-

What is TB 500?

Many of us get injured in some or the other way in our day-to-day life. There are people who are comparatively more prone to injuries, such as bodybuilders and athletes, who train so hard that they push their body to the edge of painful injuries. Injuries can be caused by many ways, such as picking up heavy weights either too fast or too often. A painful injury can put all that extensive training and time spent on you, to a halt. Well, there is always a solution to any kind of problem and here medical science has one for you. Are you aware of the fact that peptides such as GHRH and GHRP have the potential to help in the faster recovery from wounds and injuries? So, this is where a research peptide called TB 500, comes into the scene. So let’s take a detailed look at this wonder peptide, which is exclusively designed, in order to, aid the injured bodybuilders and athletes.

tb 500

TB 500 is the synthetic version of Thymosin Beta 4 (TB4), which is a naturally occurring peptide present in the bodies of humans and animals. TB4 is produced in the thymus gland. It is widely sold for various research and scientific purposes; hence, it is practiced in stringent clinical trials conducted in mares and stallions. Allan Goldstein discovered this naturally occurring peptide in the 1960s when he was researching on the Thymus gland. Thymosin Beta 4 has been used for veterinary purposes, though it isn’t a veterinary drug. They were mainly used for racehorses to help them heal faster. This potential peptide belongs to the family of sixteen related molecules with high localization potency in the tissues of the body.

The mechanism

The primary purpose of Thymosin Beta 4 is to up-regulate the cell building proteins such as Actin. Cell multiplication and migration is promoted by the up-regulation of Actin. This helps in various ways such as building new blood vessels conduits and regulating inflammations. Thymosin Beta 4 is quite different as compared to the other repair peptides like growth factors, when it comes to keratinocyte- endothelial localization and migration. The peptide is so versatile that it extends up to its low molecular weight and molecular size. Hence, it does not bind with the extracellular matrix. Thus, Thymosin Beta 4 has the potential to circulate long distances through tissues inside the body and spot the area of injury for repair. The users have also reported other beneficial impacts such as improved flexibility, darkening of gray hair and also regrowth of hair. Also, the healing properties of TB 500 are seen in eyes, muscle, skin, bones, tendons, ligaments among many other body parts. Other powerful SARMS are LGD-4033, Ostarine and MK-677.


Benefits of TB 500

Various researches and extensive studies are still being conducted using TB 500. Some of them suggest the relation between TB500 and cardiovascular health and healing of athlete’s heart, medically known as, ventricular hypertrophy. Studies have suggested that Thymosin Beta 4 provides various benefits to all mammals, irrespective of size and shape. Some of its benefits are listed below:

  • It helps in reduction of inflammation of joints in humans and also cures tendonitis.
  • It enhances the improvement of muscle tone.
  • It helps in stretching the connective tissue.
  • It helps in the reduction of muscular spasms or cramps.
  • It is proven beneficial in the cure of diabetes in dogs and also prevents any sort of adhesions.
  • It enables the renewal of blood vessels conduits (endothelial cell differentiation) and promotes angiogenesis.
  • Significant increase in stamina and reduced fatigue during workout sessions is also seen by the use of TB 500. This, in turn, increases the endurance level.
  • It also promotes cellular level healing by regenerating stem cells, which enables to heal wounds and organs.
  • TB 500 is very beneficial for fast recovery. Hence, it reduces the recovery period by enabling faster wound healing on surface tissues.
  • It restores healthy hair growth in males who suffers from baldness or Alopecia (also known as receding hairline) or for those who lost hair due to any disease.
  • It also aids in healing stomach ulcers and lesions.

There are many users who experiment with TB 500 to cure their acute wounds that have a tendency to heal slowly; or to cure their deep wounds, which may or may not seem to heal. This particular property of this peptide has benefited millions of people across the globe, who are suffering from slow healing of wounds for many different reasons.

TB 500
TB 500

Benefits for the Bodybuilders and Athletes

Bodybuilders get injured quite often and are forced to spare their productive time in healing. In such cases, TB 500 turns out to be a boon for them, as it is known for its amazing healing properties. TB 500 is not basically used for mass gain; instead, it is used for speeding up the recovery of any kind of injury. It also acts on the uninjured part of the body and helps in muscle toning. Though there have been various claims on the effect of TB 500 regarding muscle gain, the conclusion has not been drawn yet. Also, TB 500 increases the stamina and the vigor in them, which in turn, increases their productivity.

Method of TB 500 Storage:
Storage of TB 500 is very crucial and it is taken care of during both the stage,

1. Before reconstitution- this is when TB 500 is in the dried powder form (also known as Lyophilized form)

  • It can be stored for the maximum of 24 months, if the powder is stored under refrigeration between temperatures of 36-48 Fahrenheit (or 2-9 degrees Celsius).
  • It can be stored for the maximum of 3 months, if stored at room temperature of maximum 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (or 37 degreed Celsius).
  • It can be stored for a maximum of 8 days, if stored at the maximum temperature of 113 Fahrenheit or 45 degrees Celsius.

2. After Reconstitution- this is when the dried powder TB 500 is mixed with bacteriostatic water for use.

The solution can be stored for a maximum of 8 days and should be refrigerated between the temperatures of 36-46 Fahrenheit (or 2 – 8 degrees Celsius). Make sure you do not freeze it.

Methods of Administration TB 500

TB 500 is available in ampoules and is present in the form of dried powder (also known as a lyophilized form). TB500 has to be reconstituted into the form of solution using bacteriostatic water so that it can be used for administration.

A proper amount of bacteriostatic water of almost 1.0 ml is added. Usually, sterile water is the best suitable diluent for reconstituting TB 500. It can also be mixed with sterile saline water (comprises of 0.9% of sodium chloride) or with sterile bacteriostatic water (comprises of 0.9% of sodium chloride). The preferences of administration vary between intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous. Although it depends upon personal choice, the most common method of administration is subcutaneous.

The most collective dosage for human administration is between 2.0 to 2.5mg of TB500 taken twice a week for a period of almost four weeks to six weeks (1 month-1.5 month). Once this course period is over and the wound has almost healed, some people reduce the amount to one or two injections a month, over a period of one month, to avoid any sort of injury in future. This dosage tends to make the muscles more flexible. Hence, the users take it to reduce any further chances of injury. As the main purpose of TB500 is to repair and heal the wounds, the dosage of 2.0mg to 2.5mg proves beneficial and carries a good rate of success.

Apart from humans, TB 500 is also administered in animals. For animal uses, the dosage varies. The most common dosage protocol for horses is a course of six 10 mg injections administered at an interval of 7-10 days. For a more intensive treatment, 20 mg is administered on a weekly basis. The most common dosage protocol for dogs is a course of six 5 mg injections administered on a weekly basis.

The method of reconstituting the TB 500 

Usually, the syringe used for administration of TB500 is usually the insulin type with 100 markings on it. They can be readily available in any pharmacy store. Firstly, fill the syringe with 1 ml of bacteriostatic water and inject it into the ampoule with the lyophilized powder. Make sure that you do not shake the ampoule while mixing. Also, ensure that you do not inject the bacteriostatic water into the lyophilized form with force, as that will create bubbles. Instead, you should gently inject the bacteriostatic water into the ampoule. If you observe any bubbles in the mixture, it is highly recommended to store the ampoule in the refrigerator. Let the mixture stay there for almost half an hour. Doing this will ensure the bubble to disappear. Then, it is advised to gently rub the ampoule between your palm and fingers for about five minutes to make sure the powder is evenly dissolved.

In order to take TB500 out of the ampoule, firstly, you are advised to release the vacuum ampoules generally contain. The procedure to do the same is- Grab a freshly opened syringe and pull its piston to fill air in it. Then, gently inject this air into the ampoule right above the solution. This procedure will help in getting rid of that vacuum. Now, you can use as much dosage of TB500 as needed.

Spot of TB 500 Administration

The TB 500 does not target area-specific. It has a profound outcome, irrespective of where it is administered. Most users believe that Thymosin Beta-4 works best when it is taken closer to the area of injury. However, there is no concrete proof to exhibit whether this is a fact. As mentioned above, it can be injected by anyone of the three ways: subcutaneously (adipose tissue or stomach fat) or intravenously (directly into the vein) or intramuscularly (Buttocks, thighs, shoulders). It is advisable to change the injection sites every time. Doing this will help you to be familiar of the spots where you feel pain the most and where you don’t. And in no time, you would come to know about your right spot for injection. The procedure of taking TB500 injections is exactly similar to any other injections.

Sterilize the injection spot and also the ampoule rubber stopper using alcohol swab. Do ensure to remove air bubbles in the syringe, if any. The correct angle for taking injection subcutaneously would be at an angle of 45- degrees, 25-degrees angle for intravenously and 90-degrees angle for an intramuscular shot.

Side Effects and Risks Of TB 500

There have been various contradictory research data about TB 500 suggesting its relation to cancer cells. Few studies suggested that it has a relation to cancer cells by contributing to the growth of existing cancer cells. While a few other studies suggested that it may help in the inhibition of cancer. Medical scientists and doctors have found that patients suffering from cancer possess high Thymosin content in their diseased tissue as compared to the healthy ones. So, in the very initial stages of clinical trials; researchers assumed that the observation indicated that Thymosin might be the reason for cancer. Later, when the extensive research was done; it was well established that the primary action of Thymosin Beta 4 was to generate new healthy white blood cells. The presence of healthy white blood cells in the body is much needed for the body’s immune system to fight cancer; hence, the reason for the presence of high Thymosin was proved. The most common side effect of TB500 seen in bodybuilders and athletes is a temporary sense of fatigue. Also, users have reported a sense of head rush during its administration, which usually fades away after injecting.

TB 500 isn’t a miracle peptide. There is a mechanism as to how it heals the wounds and TB 500 may not have you get back on your feet the very next day, benching the weights. It helps to speed up the recovery time when a muscle tear occurs or you experience any kind of pain and inflammation. TB500 can be used along with other peptides stacks. Usually, TB500 is stacked with GHRH and GHRP such as GHRP-6, Ipamorelin, GHRP-2 or Hexarelin. And when you use them as a stack, the recovery period is almost halved. TB 500 is a potential peptide. It is best for any athlete or bodybuilder in order to prevent any serious injury and help them reach their goals.

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  2. Can you micro dose, currently dealing with a nagging back pain…I’m running Ipamorelin and Cjc no dac , before bed and once in the morning…..Also can I stack it in the same syringe with the other two peptides.

  3. I am a college football player. I have done extensive and am just a young man who has quite an interest in administering this peptide. I am coming to you guys as the gurus and experienced mind. My biggest concern would be if it will show up in a urine test. Also how would it work with an ACL ligament either strained, torn or any other knee ligament injuries. I understand I am speaking broadly. If there aren’t any positive or helpful responses please don’t bother just forgive me for my lack of knowledge.


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