Teami Review 2018 -Does it work? (Updated July 2019)

What is Teami?

Everyone wants to lose weight and look beautiful. There will be sacrifices to make if you really want to achieve your goal. From exercising in the morning hours to controlling your diet and drinking water frequently, many factors associate with weight loss. I see many people start with the ambition but fade out in the next couple of days. Forget the weight loss but you will observe weight gains because of irregular activities were done. Especially when you are a foodie and you want to try out different dishes each week, most of them are high in calories. In day to day busy schedule, doing these activities regularly is difficult. If you really want to lose your weight by just spending ten minutes around in a day then Teami tea got your back.



Working of Teami:

    • Teami Blends is a company from Miami. Actually, this is a tea which should be taken in the morning hours on an empty stomach. The working process is simple. Oolong, Lime leaf extract, Lotus Leaf, Yerba Mate, Ginger Root are the ingredients used in Teami This tea improves metabolism rate, reduces the feeling of hunger and comes with herbal ingredients which are good for health. Did you ever notice why people going to gym become fat when they stop hitting the gym? It’s because the body arranged itself to eat more to compensate for the calorie loss while doing exercises in the gym. Even though you stopped gym, the feeling of hunger never stops. So, you keep on eating including junk foods which result in excess weight.
    • We keep on eating even though it’s not needed. The first factor the tea does is it hinders the feel for hunger. Eating 3 times a day is sufficient for the body. After we complete the breakfast in the morning, until it digests and you feel hungry for lunch, the food you take in between is converted to calories. The thing to notice is that converting food to calories is easy but reducing those is very difficult. How do animals stay for more than one day with a single meal of food? The body stores excess food in the form of calories. So after some hours, it starts using calories and as stated above, each calorie gives out more energy which helps the animals to stay alive even food is not available for days.

Teami Detox 30 day plan:

  • Teami is offering a 30-day program for weight loss. They provide two products which are Teami skinny and Teami Before discussing in detail, I can sense few questions already coming in your mind. Does this product really work? Does this really help in weight loss and get you in shape? Does this have side effects? Well, Teami really works. In 30 days, many people experienced weight loss and have shared their pre and post photos describing the work done by this tea. Few people experienced side effects which are gas trouble and dehydration.
  • Metabolism functionality is not same for all. Few people will get fat even though they eat less whereas some will never get fat even though they consume more quantities. People have to do what is told in the weight loss program exactly. If they do irregularly or add more ingredients then it will lead to side effects for sure.

How Teami works

  • Teami Skinny should be mixed with a cup of hot water and to be taken in the morning. It is preferred to intake with an empty According to reviews, for the first few days, they felt discomfort as they started new. But as time has gone by, people get used to this tea. The ingredients will pump the metabolism rate. This result in using more calories compared to regular usage. As the days go by, calorie rate will be decreased and you can feel the changes in your body. One more product is the Teami Colon. This should be taken at night before sleeping time.
  • It works all night filtering the waste and is flushed out from the body in the morning hours. What’s happening is that with a colon, excess garbage in intestines, veins and in almost all places is being washed out, the feeling of hunger is controlled and with higher metabolism rate, excess calories are being used. With the combination of these, a full of protein diet with fewer carbohydrates should be followed. This whole process for one full month will change your body shape for sure. But sudden changes will result in side effects until the body adjusts to these new conditions.
  • For every work, there are a certain number of calories used by the body. For example, around 500 calories will be burnt while jogging in the morning. Did you ever get a doubt that why the exercises are suggested to do in the morning on an empty stomach? It’s because the stomach is empty and the food you consumed in the night is over. So, eventually, the exercises will burn your excess calories. The more you do, the more calories you burn and body gets into a shape. Unlike other herbal tea products with a bitter taste, Teami tea is better.

Few negative reviews cannot stop the growth of great product:

  • Teami tea consists of natural ingredients only. Some people think that posting before and after pictures with Teami tea is a marketing strategy. But the truth is, this is a product of weight loss and hence people who achieved it will post and let all know that Teami tea is working. With a price tag of 50$, this tea is costlier than other products. Teami detox plan is 30 days in which you will feel the body getting fit.
  • Daily routine includes drinking tea in the morning, exercising, taking less carbohydrate and more protein-rich foods, finishing the day with taking Teami Colon before sleeping in the night. But if you are not interested in these types of plans, there are other five products released by Teami for better health and weight loss.
  • Most of the people will have a mindset to buy a product only after reviewing. There is no rocket science involved in the working of Teami tea because it is familiar to that of body functioning. Excess food is stored in the form of calories so that it can be used when consumed food is over. The wastage is filtered by kidneys and is sent out from the body. Because of junk foods and irregular food habits, this cycle has changed. People started eating more and physical work is less. Combining all these resulted in excess weight gain. Consuming more junk foods will result in lower blood flow. The wastage gets accumulated in blood vessels.

Blood should pump throughout the body collecting everything and kidneys filter the blood and keeps wastage with it. Every component is equally important and if any single one of them is failed or not functioning very well, the whole body is affected. Teami tea mimics the exact process. One product flushes out the waste helping the kidneys to keep the body clean. Another product improves the metabolism rate which results in more calories being used. The final result is a well-shaped body with less fat compared to old one. As the wastage is being pumped out on a regular basis, you will feel more energized and refreshed as never before.






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