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The Best Tennis Elbow Brace Reviewed in 2018 (updated July 2019)

Introduction to Tennis Elbow Brace

Tennis elbow is also known as Epicondylitis, a condition that occurs where the tendons on either side of the arm become damaged due to strenuous overuse of the forearm tendon near the elbow joint. This is whereby the tendons cause tears and that reduces mobility and cause pain leading to weeks of recuperation.

To help one heal from Epicondylitis, it is recommended you purchase a tennis elbow strap to treat elbow injuries. Tennis elbow straps come in different types and one is always advised to choose one that is lightweight and has a breathable material.


While looking to purchase a tennis elbow strap there are features to consider;

  • Straps – A good strap can reduce more injury by applying compression directly to the upper forearm, protecting the injured tendon without causing pain and reducing mobility.
  • Clasp – A good clasp can provide pain relief by applying pressure directly to the wrist.
  • Sleeves- A good sleeve keeps the elbow warm and reduces muscle cramps and stiffness by speeding up healing, offers protection and light compression to the muscles around the joint.

They also come in three varieties. They include;

  • The Epicondylitis clasp
  • Tennis elbow strap
  • Elbow sleeve

The Epicondylitis clasp

The Epicondylitis clasp is made of plastic and is lined with wool to make it more comfortable to the person who is wearing it. The sturdy clasp provides a snug fit, does not impair circulation and is useful in the treatment of medial and lateral epicondylitis. It contains a silicone pad which can be put over the inflamed area and that provides relief to the inflammation area affected.  The epicondylitis clasp can be wiped clean and because the clasp is lightweight it helps supports the muscles in the forearm and reduces pressure on the tendon.

It is highly recommended for tennis players and golfers who require support for high impact forces.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Epicondylitis clasp

It can be used on either arm so it’s re-usable. It is suitable for most people because it is available in five forearm sizes.

Purchasing an Epicondylitis clasp is a bit costly. Another downside of purchasing an Epicondylitis clasp is that it has a tendency of shifting from the original place it was placed.

The Tennis Elbow Strap

A tennis elbow strap is usually used for compressing the upper forearm by absorbing the soft tissues which are painful on the outside of the elbow.

The strap is wrapped around the forearm just below the elbow. Others contain pressure pads which are used to reduce pressure below the impact point on the elbow.

Advantage & Disadvantage of a Tennis Elbow Strap

The tennis elbow strap is more affordable than an Epicondylitis clasp and is easier to adjust to suit one’s taste and preference.

The downside of the tennis elbow strap is that it does not retain heat like a tennis elbow sleeve.

The Tennis Elbow Sleeve

This is a sleeve which has been manufactured such that it is incorporated with a strap, and it offers warmth throughout the entire elbow while the strap tightens around the upper forearm.

It also offers compression and support to the whole joint which helps in the whole rejuvenating process because the heat emanated through the sleeve helps reduce pain. This is because some elbow injuries respond well to heat therapy.

Benefits of Tennis Elbow brace

  • Can be used to relieve tension and pressure from the muscles which are straining. Once you wear a tennis elbow brace the muscles are allowed to rest.
  • May help prevent chronic injuries especially athletes who are used to activities that involve using forearms muscles repeatedly. Having a Tennis elbow brace can help prevent an injury before it happens.
  • Provides warmth on the injured forearm and the heat emanated promotes healing and rejuvenation of muscles.
  • The tennis elbow braces are a cheaper alternative compared to doctor’s visits and appointments which include x-rays, other checkups and prescription with some visits going up to 3 months and above depending on the injury.

Examples of Tennis Elbow Braces Available on Amazon

Elbow brace by Kunto Fitness

They are available in three sizes which include; small, medium and large, which cater for most people. They can be used by people engaged in active sports and they are manufactured using the high-quality material, which absorbs moisture like sweat. This makes them quite comfortable even after engaging in active hours of sports. The material used makes the elbow brace so tight which offers good compression.

2Pack Elbow Brace By Tomight

The elbow braces are manufactured using high-quality material reinforced with neoprene which helps prevent skin irritations and friction. The Velcro straps are comfortable and durable because they contain cushion which has been sewn in. They are recommended for people involved in active sports because they offer tendon support which prevents pain and discomfort.

Tennis elbow brace by Dashsport

This elbow brace is manufactured using copper mixed with nylon which makes the material breathable and comfortable. Recommended for people suffering from Epicondylitis because it offers excellent support and fit perfectly. This eases the pain and discomfort while offering relief. Dashsport offers 100% money back guarantee if it’s not up to the customer’s standards.

Tennis Elbow Brace By Simien

Available in one size that fits most options and has a comfortable, breathable and sweat resistant fabric. The strap used to manufacture the product is neoprene and nylon. This offers easy customization and one can adjust to the desired specifications for supporting one’s tendons. Simiens the manufacturer also offers a bonus for purchases made which is a lifetime warranty.

Compression Tennis Elbow Sleeve By Zensah

This tennis elbow sleeve has a slim design which enables a consumer to wear it underneath their clothing. It also contains a fabric which has a nylon spandex blend that makes it more breathable and comfortable to wear. The tennis elbow sleeve has antimicrobial properties.

Due to its texture and weight, the compression tennis elbow sleeve enables one has a full range of elbow movement while providing pressure where one needs it the most. Recommended for athletes such as tennis players and golfers because it helps athletes prevent injuries as well as treat them since the sleeves help in stabilizing the muscles and preventing more tears and injuries.

Tennis elbow brace by Tibeto

Manufactured using a high-quality neoprene and nylon material that is lightweight and does not contain irritants. This makes it more comfortable to be worn on both arms.  It also contains an adjustable strap tennis elbow brace that can be operated by a teenager or even a child, since the strap can stay in place no matter the activity. Recommended for people who are trying to prevent joint and muscle pain because it offers excellent forearm tendons support.

Advantages of Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Highly durable because it is constructed using good quality materials.
  • Comfortable to wear for hours.
  • Most of the tennis elbow braces have a universal fit which is suitable to be worn by men and women.
  • The copper-infused fabric in some of the tennis braces helps in speeding up healing.
  • It also contains neoprene which prevents friction and irritations.

Disadvantages of Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Tennis elbow braces are prone to become looser due to regular use.
  • People with larger forearms and biceps should note that the tennis braces tend to be a bit tighter.
  • Some tennis elbow braces are larger in size which may interfere with rapid movement.
  • Other tennis elbow braces contain bulky straps which might dig into one’s skin.
  • The Velcro straps can lose grip quickly due to regular use.

Why buy Tennis Elbow Braces 

  • Because Amazon provides genuine and right products to people all over the world. The products are specific to how you requested them and guarantee satisfaction.
  • The purchasing process at Amazon is faster made with just a few clicks. The shipping process is also fast as it takes between 3 to 5 days. Although it can take longer on some other products.
  • Amazon also is a better option because once you subscribe and your details are logged in you provide your home address where all the products you buy will be delivered

Prices of Tennis Elbow Braces on Amazon

  • Tennis elbow braces on Amazon which includes sleeves, straps, and clasps range between $12 on the lower side and 70$ on the higher side.
  • The pricing also varies according to whether the manufacturer of the product offers free shipping on eligible orders or not.



Tennis elbow braces should be wardrobe attires for people involved in high sporting activities. This includes tennis players and golfers. This is because they minimize the risks involved in accidents that occur in some of these sporting activities.

When thinking of purchasing a tennis elbow brace, one should buy in bulk. This is mainly because at Amazon prices vary and discounts are offered according to the number of orders that you request making the price become slightly cheaper. However, you can also buy one for yourself as the price for a single one is also fair.

At Amazon customers can be able to peruse different types of Tennis Elbow braces and their reviews, how much of an impact they have made in the lives of people suffering from Epicondylitis and how different elbow braces have changed their lives.



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