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Texas Superfood Review 2018 -Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

What is Texas SuperFood? 

A wholesome and complete nutritional supplement, Texas SuperFood is a product by Nulexa and made by Dr. Dennis Black. Texas SuperFood is a green drink powder supplement. Each pack of Texas SuperFood nutritional and multivitamin supplement is filled with unifying 55 ingredients. These ingredients include digestive enzymes, fruits, vegetables, grasses, and algae.

Inside every pack of the product, there are three core groups of superfoods found. These superfoods include algae and grasses, vegetables and fruits.

Dr. Dennis Black is a specialist in natural medicines, and it has been made sure to incorporate all the necessary and vital nutrients and ingredients in their products. The wholesome pack is enough to provide the right amount of nutrition to the body.

Let us take a closer look and dig into this product and know the basics of this superfood and nutritional supplement.

texas superfood
texas superfood


How is Texas SuperFood made?

This product is made utilizing an exclusive procedure. The formulation starts with products such as vegetables and fruits collected at the pinnacle of flawlessness. This is then used in a cold press juicing technique that meticulously takes out the core nutrients from the pulp. The cold pulp is then turned into wholesome food powder, which is known as the Texas SuperFood.

Other makers of nutritional and multivitamin supplement makers who superheat and cook these products. But the supplement doesn’t follow this process as this technique results in loss of nutritional value from the core ingredients. The maximum product temperature that is been kept here is below 106 degrees Fahrenheit (106º F). This gives the supplement thicker sustenance without the water, sugar, salt, pulp.

How does Texas SuperFood taste and what is the nutritional value in there?

If you think that this product tastes bad, then you are wrong. Surprisingly, Texas SuperFood does not taste bad like how people image superfoods to taste. This is also due to the low sugar content. The good taste is also due to the vegetables and fruits that are present in the Texas SuperFood products.

The label of the pack recommends that you can blend the superfood with water. But if you are new to this and do not quite like the taste of the green drink then you can add in the organic juice of your choice. If you are someone who enjoys a delicious glass of drink, then we would suggest you go with the mixing of the juice with the Texas SuperFood.

But if you are going with juice then 100% organic juice is the best option. If you are thinking why organic then let us tell you the reason. Here, we are talking of about 8oz glass of the drink, and you should negate the health benefits of using organic juice. So, if you want to go ahead with juice then why not choose organic. On the other hand, you should know that Texas SuperFood is far tastier than any other products of the same line.

Most of us often wonder if Texas SuperFood is an actual food

Texas SuperFood is not an actual food. It is a whole food that is a nutritional and multivitamin supplement. As mentioned, this product contains 55 natural fruits and vegetables that provide the right level of nutritional value. You can look at the official website of Texas SuperFood and find out more about the product range. This product has always been catering to offer high quality and organic superfoods.

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Now let us look at the value element of this product

A jug of the powder contains 180 grams of powder, and as indicated by the mark, each serving is a teaspoon (however can be two teaspoons). Since the label of the product instructs us, we realize that a teaspoon is roughly 5 grams and the label obviously expresses that there are 60 servings (60 teaspoons). But if we look closely and count, the aggregate weight of the Texas SuperFood product is 180 grams, and a teaspoon is 5 grams. So, when you split 5 grams into the 180 grams, you get 36 servings. However, the label might be a little confusing. This is because the label suggests using a single scoop that is two tablespoons that makes it 10 grams of each serving.

So, utilizing the numerical ability in case you are dividing 10 grams into 180 grams, you get a sum of 18 servings. At the cost of $79.95 per bottle, that turns out to a ludicrous Texas-sized normal of over $4 per serving. This is the approximate product value of Texas SuperFood that you would be getting from one bottle.

The benefits of Texas SuperFood

  • Texas SuperFood contains 55 and more ingredients. These batch of ingredients are an overall mix of fruits, vegetables, algae, enzymes, grasses, and antioxidants.
  • Texas SuperFood contains less than a gram of sugar, thereby offering you only natural sweetener from the ingredients in the product.
  • It is an overall nutritional and multivitamin supplement that would suffice over a wholesome nutritional value to the human body.


The product does not contain any genetically-modified organisms. Also, the Texas SuperFood is free from any kind of pesticides and herbicides.

This supplement does not have any animal products, egg, dairy, soy, corn, wheat, sodium, artificial colors, sweeteners or synthetic additives of any type.  Made from 55 nutrient-filled whole foods, this supplement comes with every ingredient that is specifically formulated. The pack of Texas SuperFood comes with a wide range of nutrients and vitamin benefits that help you fulfill the dietary needs of the body.

Is Texas SuperFood gluten free?

Yes, this product is gluten-free. So, individuals whose internal anabolism is unable to process gluten can consider the nutritional supplements from Texas SuperFood.

Is there any caffeine or herbal stimulant present in Texas SuperFood?

No, you cannot find any caffeine content or herbal stimulant in this product.

Texas superfood reviews

An examination of the ingredients in Texas SuperFood, and those of different supplements as of now available will quickly offer the distinction of their products. It furnishes their clients with the absolute best entire sustenance dietary supplement accessible at any other place.

You won’t discover synthetic ingredients that are new and hard to articulate. Rather, you will be astonished by the striking distinction of 55 fruits and vegetables available in Texas SuperFood. Free from manufactured fillers, folios, simulated colors, flavors, or added substances, this supplement remains, in its very own class, a quality and wholesome supplementation. You can yourself use the product and feel the difference yourself.

In case you are looking for nutritional, dietary or multivitamin supplements, you should always compare the different types of products available. You can also read the reviews of the customers who have used Texas SuperFood products and get a first-hand review of the same. There are a number of websites and online forums that cater to the audience of this supplement and are specifically made to offer reviews. Check out those websites and take a look at the reviews.

So, if you are looking for authentic nutritional supplements, Texas Superfood can be your perfect pick.

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