Thermadrol Review 2018- Benefits & Side effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Thermadrol?

Thermadrol is a dietary supplement that promises to burn 600% more of your fat. This product from Big Nutrition claims that it can help its users lose as much as 10 pounds within seven days! Just how realistic is this? 10 pounds translates to 35,000 calories which can be represented as 5,000 calories daily. Typically, on a daily basis, women and men require less than 2,000 and 3,000 calories respectively, and hence the 10 pounds claim by Big Nutrition is almost physiologically impossible. The supplement also boasts of assisting in increasing massive energy levels and enhancing metabolism. With increased energy, you are likely to experience better exercises which should help in pushing you towards achieving better and faster results. Some people usually experience overweight problems due to slow metabolism issues. When your body is not breaking down fat and other nutrients fast enough they always end up being retained in the body resulting in overweight problems. This supplement purports to have come up with potent ingredients that will take your metabolism back on the right track where excess fat and carbohydrate are efficiently broken down.


Thermadrol Ingredients

Big Nutrition claims to have formulated the supplement with the most “Clinically tested ingredients than any other product in the world.” These are bold allegation all referring to the over 20 compounds used in the supplement. The ingredient’s list is very extensive and also raises several concerns.

Firstly, when we take a look at a majority of the ingredients used there is insufficient research done to examine how they assist in weight loss. A few of the studied components, on the other hand, have some very ambiguous results making them quite unreliable. Every time a manufacturer adds compounds based on speculations it usually means that the desired outcome can’t be guaranteed and this can be very frustrating. Plus, what’s the point of investing in a product which can’t guarantee the results you are looking for?

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The second problem with this supplement’s ingredients is that from past experiences, the more the compounds are added, the harder it is to decently dose each component. So, in this case, you could find that indeed there are one or two proven compounds included, but due to the significant formula, the manufacturer is forced to under dose them so that every ingredient can fit in the capsule. This, therefore, makes the entire formula rather useless because we all know that if a compound is not adequately supplied, then it won’t be able to elicit any of its claimed benefits.

Finally, we have never been big fans of massive ingredients. In fact, when we come across a manufacturer with such a formula it always seems like they didn’t put in much effort in examining just the right ingredients and hence decide to compress everything into one. More ingredients don’t translate to more weight loss instead you have to pay closer attention to the efficacy (if there is any) of the individual ingredients used:

  • Green Tea

Green Tea is perhaps one of the most common ingredients you will ever find in a dietary supplement. These extracts have been examined and proven to have exceptional weight loss benefits if used appropriately. Green Tea Extracts contain stimulants like caffeine and EGCG that are good in controlling fat in the body.

Credit where it’s due, the addition of this ingredient is a good thing. It is one of the few compounds used that have reliable clinical trials to back up their usefulness. The problem with green tea extracts is that they introduce caffeine in the system. Caffeine is claimed to be ideal for fighting appetite, boosting metabolism and other issues but at high levels, it can cause serious side effects. Stimulants also make it hard to use several supplements.

  • Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)

HCA is supplied in this supplement from an herb known as Garcinia Cambogia. This chemical is believed to be a brilliant carb blocker that helps to reduce the amount of fat in the body. The compound supposedly prevents the breaking down of carbohydrates that results in its storage as fat. This consequently expedites the weight loss progress.

Its effectiveness has, however, been questioned more than once. Results of particular research on this compound were published in the American Medical Association journal which showed that Hydroxycitric acid has no impact whatsoever on weight loss. It conclusively claimed that Garcinia Cambogia failed to show any significant weight loss effects. The one study that had promising results but used SuperCitrimax which is rarely used for weight loss. Moreover, over 4600mg of SuperCitrimax were used in this study where it supplied more than 2800mg of HCA. This is a lot more than what Thermadrol offers.

  • Citrus Aurantium Extracts

This ingredient is standardized for synephrine and supplied as Advantra Z. The compound was initially believed to be an incredible fat burner, but recent studies have proven otherwise. One research by Am J Cardiol did in 2004 showed that after six weeks of using the compound there was no any significant weight loss impact noticed. A few other clinical trials had similar outcomes. We, therefore, don’t see the use or reasons for its presence in this supplement.

  • Carnitine

L carnitine is one of those compounds that have both positive and negative reviews. A few trials seem to show that it is brilliant for weight loss while others claim otherwise. One of the studies that recommend it for weight loss had used around 3,000 mg of l.carnitine. Guess how much is contained in Thermadrol? Just 150mg or 300 mg daily. This is not nearly enough what this study used so even if it is useful users of this supplement are highly unlikely to enjoy any of its benefits.

  • Hoodia Gordonii

This ingredient was quite popular years ago, but its popularity didn’t last for obvious reasons. A few years after its introduction in weight loss supplements, several clinical trials came out contradicting its claimed benefits. Its usage, therefore, subsided yet Thermadrol seem to have brought it back in the market. There are no any new studies released to show that it is useful and hence we don’t expect it to be any help in this supplement.

  • Cayenne powder

This is the ingredient that gives your table pepper its heat. The idea behind its addition in this supplement is that it helps to fire up your digestive system by creating heat to promote metabolism. With better metabolism, you are expected to burn down more calories and gain more energy.

In clinical trials, the herb seems to be capable of doing so, but the problem is its safety. To make sure that it doesn’t harm your gastrointestinal tract, the dosages used to need to be minimal and carefully monitored. At such low levels, a cayenne powder may not be very useful in promoting weight loss.

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The other ingredients used include Licorice root, ginger root, Bioperine, B vitamins, caffeine Gymnema Sylvestre, chromium, and caffeine.

Benefits of Using Thermadrol

From Big Nutrition’s point of view, this weight loss supplement helps users to:

  • Lose 600% more fat
  • Increased energy levels
  • Suppressed appetite
  • Faster and better metabolism

Potential Side Effects of Using Thermadrol

In a supplement containing over 20 chemicals what are the chances that at least one of the chemicals will react negatively with your body? High, right? This is why using a supplement with too many compounds is discouraged unless you have undergone thorough examinations with your physician. Some of the possible side effects users of this supplement may experience include;

  • Insomnia due to used stimulants
  • Diarrhea
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • A headache

Scientists also warn of a few potentially severe complications arising. These include kidney damage, raised blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and poor blood circulation in the heart.

Taking Thermadrol

The recommended use of this supplement is two capsules taken twice daily.

Where can I buy Thermadrol?

One of the ridiculous statements released by Big Nutrition is that “Due to our extreme amount of active ingredients, our supplements are not available in retail stores.” This statement made no sense at all. If indeed the supplements are as potent as they claim then having them in retail stores would, in fact, increase their sales even more. The supplement, therefore, is only available in online stores where it retails at $29.97.


There are so many things to worry about when using this supplement. Right from the long list of ingredients to the equally massive list of potential side effects. The supplement may be affordable but why would you buy it if you are not sure of its outcomes? If you feel like its formula may work for you, then you can go ahead and try it out, but for its price, there are more decent weight loss supplements out there that are more recommended.

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