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Top 5 Reasons to Get an Inversion Table (updated July 2019)

Inversion therapy is slowly gaining popularity as more people are actually going for it with regard to the treatment of various back related issues such as lower back pain, poor circulation, sciatica and scoliosis among others. The therapy has actually proven to be very effective for most patients and very convenient. In addition, inversion therapy by definition is whereby one is easily suspended upside down using an inversion table which they strap themselves in then shift their body against gravity by having their legs facing up and their head facing downwards. This is in order to help with relieving of stress and pressure in various parts of the body such as the back and the joints among other regions in the body. At the same time, this method tends to actually help as it is able to provide traction for the spine which is very beneficial.

Most individuals who have been able to use the therapy actually advocate for it very much as it has proven to be very beneficial to most if not all. It has actually been seen to work wonders for some while for others it just may give temporary relief for a limited time before the condition that one was treating come back such as lower back pain. Nevertheless, for those who’ve been able to actually seen improvement with regard to using the inversion therapy they have advocated for various reason as to why one should definitely have the device in their house or even office just to help ease some tension or muscle aches. Some reasons as to why one may easily purchase an inversion table may include:

It Helps Relieve Back Pain

The back is one of the main places that once it has been affected tend to limit most if not all activities. Pain can be a very inhibiting factor when it comes to one being able to carry out their daily chores as normal and this may lead to an individual falling behind in terms of their workload or even things to do. Some condition such as lower back pain among others which may be associated with sitting, or running among other causes of the pain may actually be simply solved by one just using an inversion table. The pain may easily be relieved as the inversion table normally helps relieve pressure for the nerves located around the back and soft tissue as well as the muscles in the back. This then helps the back actually become less tense enabling one to actually get some relief from the pain which was inhibiting them from working. This may easily be done at the office or even at home. Nevertheless, the inversion table has also been known to help rehydrate and let nutrients flow more easily to the discs and help with the realigning of the spine. Hence, one may not necessarily have to go through a surgery in order for them to have their backs realigned with is a very positive thing as more complications may arise after the surgery.

Relieve Fatigue and Stress

In addition, one may easily be able to get more relaxed after a long day using the inversion table as it has been proven to actually help release tension in the back region and the body as well. One may easily loosen up their nerves and muscles which may be tight after a long day. This then helps one be able to be more effective and sleep even better after a long day’s work or just be relaxed as it stretches the whole body and helps elongate the spine. One’s heart rate may also be lowered due to the rhythmic rocking as it lowers the EMG activity (the measure of muscle tension)

Helps With Detoxification and Also Improves Circulation

Nonetheless, the inversion table has also been known to help individuals with detoxification which is an essential thing with regard to one’s body health. As one is suspended upside down on the inversion table, this then helps one’s lymph system as it helps by moving lactic acid from one’s limbs which is known to cause pain after a long day’s work or even after a workout, it also helps one’s heart as it helps with the movement of blood to various parts such as the limbs and other extreme areas of the body. Nevertheless, it also has been said to help with the relieving of varicose veins which are at times painful. As it helps with circulation, then one may easily be able to get oxygenated blood to different parts of the body and also improve on energy levels in the body due to the proper circulation taking place in the body.

Increase Oxygen Flow to The Brain

With the suspension happening, one may actually end up having blood reach the brain more easily as compared to when one is standing. The more the oxygen in the brain, then the better one is able to function better mentally, improve and stimulate hair growth, improve skin tone and help the brain cells develop and thrive.

Improve One’s Functional Fitness

Nevertheless, one may also find that with the help of the inversion table they are actually able to improve their performance physically. The inversion table has actually been associated with helping the back get realigned, the strengthening of ligaments, improvement in orientation and balance training among the athletes. Some exercise may actually be done on the inversion table including some like sit ups and stretching. One may easily improve on their abs by just working out using the table. Hence, one gets to kill two birds with one stone

In conclusion, the inversion table has proven to be a must-have for any individuals. However, one is advised to consult a doctor before purchasing the inversion table. One may easily get the table from The Outdoor Geeks for more information on the inversion table and also one may easily purchase an inversion table from them and learn more.

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