Umoro- The Best Protein Shaker of 2018 (Updated July 2019)

What is Umoro?

With changing times and increasing population, people are corned and self-conscious about their health more and more. A lot of people keep posting about their diets, health products, supplements, shaker bottles, etc.  So here’s a product review for you which might interest you, the Umoro bottle shaker.

Building oneself as one of the ultimate sellers of shaker bottles isn’t that easy. But Umoro has managed to set high ambitions for itself by releasing its newest product named; The Umoro One

Umoro started its life as a kick starter project which was featured on many television shows like Dragon’s Den, Fitness aficionados, etc



What’s different about Umoro?

We are familiar with carrying so many bottles just to get our daily dose o supplements. Well, Umoro has managed to eliminate the use of so many bottles except for one. Umoro’s multipurpose container that helps you to stay hydrated with water all day and then can be transformed into the perfect work out companion just by the push of a button. It gets fraught with nutrients you require and helps you to forget the need of spoons, spatulas, switching of bottles, etc.

Best Features of Umoro One:

  • Separate lid for liquid and also for a supplement
  • Retaining Clarity
  • Scratch resistant plastic
  • 100% Leakproof
  • Easy to carry along with a convenient Strap
  • One year warranty (limited)


  • Capacity: 22 oz/ 650 ml
  • Powder capacity: 110cc or 50 g approx
  • Weight: 180 g / 0.39 lbs

How does Umoro Work?

You can find a compartment underneath once you successfully unscrew the amply sized 600 ml bottle and flip the cap. You can pour all your requirements and the protein supplement, and once you are done just push down the shaker ball and there you go for the day. Whenever you require the supplement just push the red button on the top of the cap & give it a shake. Umoro’s unique design blends every supplement without any clumps. And now you can start working  out without worrying!

Other Features of Umoro

Umoro is available in wide range of colors such as Midnight Black, Forever Pink, Ocean Blue, and Hunter Green. The bottle is well styled and also feels good to hold. There comes a fitted rubber band with it which helps you to carry it around on the treadmill, track, wherever you like.

For unintended pressing, it comes with a release button and is also easy to clean. The release valve will stay in place until the red button is ready to press.  This makes Umoro one safe to be carried with valuables items, laptops, documents, etc as it ensures there will be no spillage or leak.

Umoro one has constructed in such way that it fits easily into any cup holder and the shape still doesn’t get affected. You get a neatly printed out instruction manual along with Umoro one which covers every technical detail one may require for using Umoro One.


It can sound a bit high priced for some people but Umoro one has still managed to put itself at the top of the market. The price might be discouraging for the customers with the economical mind. Furthermore, it is made up of shatterproof plastic and has stabilized rubber base. The manufactures promoted the bottles as practically unbreakable and can withstand whatever comes in one’s active lifestyle.


Well, the durability of Umoro one is something which makes it stand out, out of the competitors of Umoro One available in the market. Along with that, you wouldn’t require buying any regular replacements which help to avoid the cost factor. It comes with a full year’s warranty, so maybe you can rest assured about buying this one as the last bottle you would ever buy!

Is it perfect?

Well in the world full of imperfects you can’t expect a shaker bottle to be perfect, right? Some people have reported about the smell of rubber which doesn’t go for weeks even after washing it thoroughly. People have also reported about the markings disappearing which can be a turn off for the perfectionists out of you.

If the shaker ball is improperly secured then it might be able to cause premature contamination of the water and the supplement.

Is there anything else?

Yes, although Umoro has tried their best to make sure that the shaker bottle is easy to clean unfortunately there’s a little glitch. The residual supplements at the bottom don’t get cleaned with just a hand wash, which means every time you want to use the shaker bottle again then you would have to clean it in a dishwasher.

Even the shaker ball takes a lot of time to dry. So if you don’t take precautions for checking the shaker ball before adding in your supplements. You might end up with clumps in your shake.

The compartment for storing the supplement powder is a bit tiny. Though the company claims that it can contain up to 50 g that is about one scoop but filing the compartment totally can get a little messy.

Pros & Cons of Umoro


  • Easy to carry
  • Blends supplement well
  • No leakage
  • Lightweight
  • Colour Variants


  • Shaker ball is difficult to clean
  • Small compartment for the supplement


A few of the customers said that they find cleaning the bottle a bit tricky and seems as if they can only use the bottle as one use per day. Some users have to say that it still requires a few modifications for the even better experience. Some say that the power slips into the water that sometimes makes it difficult to use.

Summary on Umoro

Umoro one shaker is a wonderful product which eliminates the need for carrying two bottles s to gym; one for water and the other for supplement drink. You can use the shaker to drink water and later when you require your daily supplement drink you can just push the button. Then your supplement powder will just fuse with the water to provide you a clumps free smooth drink with even consistency.

There are many more products sold by Umoro on their website or by them. Overall Umoro seems to be getting popular in the market of health product whether it is for the supplements or work apparels. You can check the reviews and feedbacks on Umoro and I must say they have managed to gain pretty impressive positive feedbacks!

You can also check for Umoro products on other market places.

As for the shaker bottle, you should give it a try as you won’t be disappointed. It’s pretty simple shaker bottle with a cool design, you don’t need any instruction manual to use this two in one benefitting product. Just have your water by your side and before wok out or during you have to press a button and your drink will be ready with no hassle. You can drink from the bottle, no requirements of any spoon, spatula, additional bottle, etc.

Just hold your Umoro One shaker bottle and you are now good to go! Therefore, yes it is something you should definitely lay your hands on. There is different versions available check their specifications before buying!

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