Uridine Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Uridine?

In the day-to-day hassles of life, we often tend to forget several important things. For example, suppose you had to bring a lot of products like fruits, vegetables, stationary, etc. from the market, but you ended up forgetting a few of them. This is the case with many of us irrespective of our age. Next what we then do is either make a list of the item on a sticky note or else start consuming some of the brain-boosting supplements that can help us recall our memory. A wide variety of it is already available in the market, but certainly, it is up to you to choose the best amongst them. So after doing a thorough research, scientists found that an adequate amount of ribonucleic acid (RNA) is required to enhance the memory storing capacity of your brain. And aptly fitting in this domain is Uridine, a brain-boosting supplement that is one of the building blocks of ribonucleic acid. It is proved to be by far one of the best memory enhancing supplements available in the market. Now, going forward, let us have a detailed study of how it functions to improve the memory restoring the capacity of the brain.


An introduction to Uridine

Besides adenosine, guanine, thymidine, and cytidine, it forms the fifth molecule that constitutes ribonucleic acid, which is responsible for boosting up the brain. This essential element is found in several dietary products like plants and vegetable, especially tomatoes, broccoli, beer, yeast, liver, and sugarcane. But most importantly, it is synthesized in the human liver and is generated as uridine monophosphate (UMP) in the blood. For infants, they gain uridine from breast milk. Uridine is the founding stone that forms RNA and DNA, both of which contribute towards brain development from our initial years. But in this busy schedule of life, we hardly have the time to pick up vegetables and replenish the vital nutrient. Also, several of us may develop liver dysfunctioning (all credit to our immense craving for junk foods) which hinders the process of natural formation of uridine. In such a case, scientists have developed uridine supplement that functions as the natural one. Even when it consumed orally, uridine produces CDP-choline. Uridine is beneficial not only in boosting up your rain’s ability to recollect things but is also beneficial for patients who have mental illness or Alzheimer disease. When this uridine supplement gets in contact with human body, it gets absorbed in the intestinal tract and can escalate the dopamine level within the brain.

Further, it is suggested that if it is consumed with choline or omega three substances like fish oil, it functionalities increase manifold after reaching the brain. Its anti-depressant property also helps an individual overcome depression or mood swings and live an active and healthy life. Although it is present in most components, a chemical formation of uridine can ease the consumption process. You will have a clear knowledge of the level and amount of it that is specifically required for the proper functioning of your brain.  Its usage may vary from person to person depending on the level of RNA that is required for the brain functioning.

Functions of Uridine

It’s a component of ribonucleic acid (RNA), constitutes towards the development of the brain from the initial stage of an infant to regaining the lost memory that mostly occurs at an older age. Thie essential ingredient is present in several plants and vegetables but mostly is generated by the human liver itself. Infants derive it from the breast milk that they consume, which helps in developing their DNA and RNA structure during their growing years. Nowadays, to ease the human problem, the chemical composition of uridine is available in the market. It functions similarly to the one that your body generates. So let us walk through the basic functions that oral consumption of uridine—the brain-boosting supplement can do.

  • Helps in brain growth:

Brain constitutes the most important organ of human body. A dysfunctioning in this part of the body can lead to detrimental effects of mental illness, Alzheimer, paralysis, or coma. So it is important that the brain gets an adequate amount of the product, DNA, and Choline that combines for its proper functioning. Studies reveal that uridine has proved beneficial to induce sleep, improve the brain structure and its function, and also prevents the occurrence of epilepsy. This supplement also initiates the P2Y2 receptor that helps in neuronal development and regeneration of neurons. Thus, uridine is beneficial for brain growth and proper functioning of the neurotrophins.

  • Improves memory:

Memory loss in an accident or as an effect of paralysis can have an adverse effect on the functioning of the body. Apart from this, the forgetful nature of human brain is present in one among every ten individuals. So, in this case, this product can be a great companion for regaining the memory power. A regular consumption of uridine has shown effective results in revitalizing the brain’s memory storing capacity than ever before. So, it is highly recommended to consume uridine enriched food substances or in an easier manner have uridine supplements that are nowadays readily available in the market.

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  • Treats pain and inflammation:

Pain in the shoulder or lower back is a very common scenario today. Women are mostly falling prey to such kind of pain and inflammation. This is because they are less worried about their health and ponders on their family first. In this process, after reaching an age of 30, the bones automatically starts to degenerates leading to pain in certain areas. So if you are also one amongst them, then uridine is the best supplement for your health. Individuals who are specifically affected by carpal tunnel syndrome should venture out for this product on a daily basis to reduce the intensity of pain and inflammation.

  • Protection of your heart:

Like our brain, the heart also performs major functions in the body. This organ is responsible for transmitting the blood through the arteries, vein, and nerves and renders its smooth circulation for proper body function. But of late, several people have fallen prey to heart ailments like cardiac arrest, stroke, coronary artery disease, etc. So, to protect your heart, this product is one of the best remedies. When an adequate amount of oxygen doesn’t reach the heart due to blockage in the artery holes, then it can lead to cardiovascular ailments. In this case, uridine can increase the flow of blood and normalize your heart rate. Besides uridine triphosphate can reduce contraction of the heart during cardiac arrest.

  • Restores liver growth:

Liver dysfunction is mostly seen due to an over-indulgence in the consumption of alcohol or junk foods. It disrupts the digestive system as a whole. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to undergo liver transplantation. But after that, it is equally important that the new liver functions and gets accustomed to the body. This substance helps in liver growth and regeneration of liver cells and renders its proper functioning. A regular dosage of uridine can be beneficial in this case.

  • Treats depression and bipolar disorder:

Uridine has shown proven results in solving mitochondria dysfunction which leads to bipolar disorder. Further, it is also helpful in treating depression and its associated problems. Most of us are suffering stress, depression, or anxiety. This may be due to, immense work pressure or personal problems. But depression can have a serious effect on the functioning of the brain. Whatever we think and do is an action of the brain itself. Depression can lead to irritable behavior or frequent mood swings. So, in that case, consume a regular dosage of uridine.

  • Aids in treating HIV problems:

HIV is one of the doting problems in our life. An HIV patient is often treated as an untouchable in the society. A common problem seen in most HIV patients is Lipoatrophy, in which the body starts losing fat from several parts of the body. As seen, an HIV patient contains less amount of uridine than a normal one. So in their case, the level of uridine needs to get balanced to prevent the shedding of fat from the body. It will also help to eradicate any toxic effect that might hinder the proper functioning of the body. Consuming uridine on a regular basis can be advantageous for HIV patients.

  • Aids in treating Cystic fibrosis:

Cystic Fibrosis can do potential harm to your lungs and digestive system and even cause breathing trouble. This is majorly a genetic ailment caused due to increased sodium absorption. If you are suffering from this prolonged disorder, the product can become your lifesaver. CI-secretion can lower the thick secretion that affects the lungs. Uridine increases this CI-secretion and blocks the absorption of sodium in the lungs, thereby, providing relief to your problem. In addition, Uridine triphosphate along with amiloride has shown the effective result in removing mucus and clearing the air track in human beings.

  • A boon for anemic patients:

Anemia is a situation of low hemoglobin level in the blood. An anemic patient looks pale and often invites several deadly diseases. They have a fatal chance of organ dysfunctioning. In such a case a person is admitted to a hospital and given enough blood that an average adult requires. In this case, this substance too can help you. A combination of uridine along with vitamin B12 and cytidine has shown the effective result for an anemic patient.

So, Uridine is an extremely beneficial ingredient for the human body. As stated above, its curative properties help in treating several ailments. A regular consumption of uridine supplement is therefore highly recommended.

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The cons of using Uridine

Even after having such high cognitive value, uridine—the brain-boosting supplement also has a certain negative impact on human body. The effect can vary from person to person so prior using this product have a look at the possible side effects and then consume it under a proper medical guidance.

  • Can cause cancer

Uridine is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, and the synthesize of which takes place in the liver. Oral consumption of uridine gets absorbed in the intestinal tract and boost up the functioning of the brain. But apart from this, Uridine also activates the P2Y2 receptor which can escalate the spread of pancreatic cancer cell in the body. Research shows that uridine triphosphate and P2Y2 receptor acts as the carrier in cancer metastasis when a person is diagnosed with breast cancer. Along with this, uridine has shown result In promoting prostate cancer and spreading of liver cancer. So, it is seen that uridine supplement in contrary to a dietary product has shown adverse effects too. Dietary uridine is found in tomato, beer, yeast, sugarcane, etc. So instead of chemically processed uridine, a person can even opt for dietary substances which have shown effects in reducing intestinal tumor by 41%.

  • Escalate heart ailment

Although it has shown the proven result in protecting the heart, there are failures too. When there is not an adequate amount of oxygen transaction in the heart, it can lead to dysfunctioning and result in heart attack. Uridine, in this case, is seen to increase the level of blood flow and also reduces contraction during cardiac arrest. But in few cases, it is also visible that after uridine activates the P2Y2 receptor, there are high chances of thickening of the valves which can lead to heart failure. So if you are a cardiac patient, it is advisable to go for natural products than artificial ones and before that consult your doctor as to whether it is suitable for you or not.

  • Causes of insulin resistance

Diabetes is a very common health hazard that affects many people. It either passes down as a hereditary disease or else is the result of excessive stress and tension. In both the cases, it requires adequate medication, exercise, and precautionary measure. For patients who have a higher level of diabetes, doctors often recommend them to go for insulin injection. But it is seen that overexposure to supplement can cause insulin resistance in the body. A diabetic patient is thus forbidden to consume the supplement because there is already more than enough uridine present in their body than a normal person.

  • Inhibit bone formation

In worst cases of uridine malfunction, it is seen that it hinders the bone growth and on the contrary induces the level of adipogenesis. So if you are already suffering from bone degeneration, then it is recommended not to opt for uridine supplement.

How to consume?

It is recommended to consume 500- 1000 mg of the product on a daily basis for effective results. It shouldn’t be consumed in one go. Divide it into morning, afternoon, and evening timings. The supplement usually comes in the form of powder, capsules, or tablets. Initially, start with a small dosage and under proper medical guidance increase your consumption level

Where can you buy Uridine Supplements?

This product is present in most of the plants and vegetables. Although it is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, at times, due to liver dysfunction, it is not synthesized properly. If you ought to increase your memory level, then try to take uridine on a regular basis. Vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, nutritional yeast, brewer yeast, mushroom, oats, and sugarcane contain a high level of uridine. Apart from this, this vital nutrient is also found in meat, fish, and as well as in beer.


Where can we find the product?

Uridine is present in several vegetables, and apart from this, it is also present in the form of powder, capsule or tablet in the online market.

Is it safe to consume?

With numerous benefits to the human body, especially the brain uridine has both pros and cons. So before purchasing the product, it is recommended to take a consultation with the doctor regarding its dosage and use.



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