Vasayo Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Vasayo?

Vasayo, also known as the Vasayo Microlife Energy Microgel is an energy booster that helps in providing the body with natural and sustained energy. Vasayo is also the name of the company that manufactures the product. It is a direct sales company that deals with supplements that provide superior nutrient absorption through their advanced delivery technology. It was started by Dallin and Karree Larsen.

Dallin is well recognized in the Direct Sales Industry, he was recognized as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur and CEO of the year in 2009. He is also recognized as being able to provide leaders with the ability to have success regardless of their location. Vasayo was founded 2016 and is headquartered in Lehi, Utah, USA. Vasayo’s first venture round on 12th January 2017 managed to raise $2.3 million. Vasayo includes a team of 4 members namely;

  1. Dallin Larsen – he is the founder and currently the chief executive officer
  2. Karree Larsen – she is also the founder
  3. Daniel Picou – he is a co-founder and currently the president
  4. Dan Zhou – he is also a co-founder and the president of Asia-Pac

Vasayo Products

There are various products provided by Vasayo and they include;

  1. Microlife V-slim
  2. Microlife V3
  3. Microlife neuro
  4. Microlife renew
  5. Microlife sleep
  6. Microlife science
  7. Microlife core complete

Microlife V-Slim

This Vasayo product is meant to help you manage your weight in a healthy kind of way. It features ingredients that help you to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, reduce cravings, slow the production of cortisol, and boost metabolism. It also provides a hydrating and delicious taste experience.

Advantages of Microlife V-Slim

It fires up the body’s fat burning centers thereby boosting your metabolism.

It helps in limiting your cravings and suppressing your appetite through its multiple featured ingredients.

It helps you achieve a healthy weight because it promotes the balance of hormones by slowing down hormonal activities like cortisol.

It helps in supporting a healthy blood sugar level in your body.

Microlife V3

This Vasayo product is meant to provide you with high-end energy in order to eliminate any energy woes that you might have in your body. The Microlife V3 exceeds your day’s expectations because it delivers feel-good energy and combined healthy nutrients.

Advantages of Microlife V3

It delivers a sustained and natural energy through its combination of healthy nutrients that mak3es you feel good and exceed your day’s expectations.

Fatigue in your body can be brought about by various factors such as products with harsh energy and synthetic stimulation. The Microlife V3 by Vasayo helps in replenishing your body and providing that great feeling that you deserve.

Microlife V3 features ingredients that have been used for centuries to enhance the cognitive performance of people. They help in boosting your overall energy, focus, and concentration.

It helps in providing support for activity that involves antioxidants. This helps in protecting cells from radical damage through the combination of botanicals that have a boost of energy and antioxidant properties which are quite powerful.

Microlife Neuro

If you are looking for a product that will help boost and provide support for your brain, then this is the right one for you. This Vasayo product helps in enhancing the performance of the brain as well as nourishing it. It features a blend that is well formulated to support the functioning of your brain in a healthy way.

Advantages of Microlife Neuro

An emotional health and well-balanced mood are promoted if your brain is well catered for. Therefore, Microlife neuro is very essential in providing you with a well-balanced mood.

Microlife neuro helps in elevating your cognitive functions through its formulated blend that promotes brain clarity, overall cognition, and focus.

It features nutrients such as bacopa and ginkgo that help in promoting alertness, concentration, and focus on your brain. These help in beating the fog experienced by the brain.

It features a delivery technology that is quite advanced known as the liposomal encapsulation that helps in absorption and delivery of nutrients in the body.

Mental fatigue has recently been seen to greatly affect people in this time and age. With Microlife by Vasayo, you can wave mental fatigue goodbye because it helps you with proper mental functioning through energizing and supporting the brain.

Microlife Renew

This is the right Vasayo product if you want to feel new and revitalized again. It provides your joints with mobility, the range of motion, and a flexibility that is well enhanced for the best results. It is very suitable if for quick exercise recovery due to the fact that it provides cardiovascular support, metabolic, and joint health.

Advantages of Microlife Renew

The acute inflammatory response that is associated with exercise/workouts is greatly supported by the Microlife renew.

Microlife renews by Vasayo helps to increase mobility and flexibility within your joints.

It greatly helps to support the functioning of your joints and cartilage through its featured compound known as the Curcumin.

It also features liposomal encapsulation, a technology that is quite advanced which helps in absorption and delivery of nutrients in your body.

Microlife Renew also greatly promotes your wellness by supporting the functioning of your immune system.

Effects of free radicals are also greatly counteracted by Microlife Renew through the powerful antioxidants properties that can be found in its ingredients.

The regimen of your nutrition and sports can be greatly optimized by Microlife Renew as it helps support your metabolic and cardiovascular health, joint health, among other benefits.

Microlife Sleep

This is another great Vasayo product to assist those that experiencing problems with sleep. It provides a rejuvenating, healthy and great night’s sleep to get you ready for another productive day. It helps in regulating and supporting normal sleep through the well-blended ingredients it features like GABA and melatonin.

Advantages of Microlife Sleep

It helps in reduction of stress and promotion of sleep

It provides a good night’s sleep experience to get you ready for another great and productive day.

It features liposomal encapsulation which is an advanced technology that promotes absorption and delivery of nutrients into your body.

The ingredients featured like GABA and melatonin help in optimizing sleep mechanisms that are natural for your body.

Microlife Science

This Vasayo product is the true definition of supplements with advanced delivery technology. In this current time, most supplements don’t deliver as per the expectations of the users. However, the Vasayo Microlife science product provides a great solution for this.

Advantages of Microlife Science

It features a smart enzyme delivery system that solely meant to help in replacing enzymes that have been lost as well as also ensuring the effective and faster utilization and absorption of nutrients of ingredients found in Vasayo.

It also has liposomes that provide an advantage to your body in that they are double-layered which enables them to provide better absorption because they are able to pass through the harsh environment found in the digestive system.

It provides high-quality features that are beneficial for the users.

Microlife Complete Core

This Vasayo product provides probiotics, a rich berry blend with antioxidants, digestive enzymes that are quite essential, superfood, and omegas for great body diet. The Vasayo scientific team came up with Microlife complete core to provide a solution for daily nutritional needs.

Advantages of Microlife Complete Core

It provides your body system with essential benefits through the carefully and well-blended formula.

It helps in improving your nutrition by filling in the nutritional gaps that have been brought about by deficiencies from your diet.

It features delivery technology that is quite advanced that helps in absorption and delivery of nutrients through the utilization of powerful enzymes.

It greatly supports your health by building a strong foundation.

How to Use Vasayo’s Products

Always make sure when you are using Microlife V-slim that you mix 1 packet in 6 to 8 OZ of water.

  • Microlife V-slim can be used for weight management
  • Vasayo product Microlife Sleep is very suitable for people who experience difficulty in sleeping.
  • The Microlife Neuro can be used to enhance your brain’s performance
  • The Vasayo Microlife Renew is very suitable to enhance your flexibility, motion and joint support.
  • The Vasayo Microlife Science product provides advanced technology for excellent performance.
  • The Vasayo Microlife Core Complete offers a full dietary powerhouse due to its great and rich berry blend.

You can find many other links of the Vasayo products on the Amazon site or even at the Vasayo website in order to check them out and choose the product that you want to purchase.

Pricing of Vasayo Products

Prices vary for each of the Vasayo products due to their different functions and features. The basic package starts at $239 and there are some of the products at Amazon that qualifies for free shipping. However, it is advisable to check them out on the Amazon site of Vasayo website in order to compare prices.


Having a good night’s sleep, being in good health, and getting the right supplements for the well-being of your body is very important. Vasayo clearly understands this and strives to provide you with the best solution for a productive daily life experience.

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