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Vega Protein Review 2018- Pros & Con’s (updated July 2019)

What is Vega Protein?

Vega was founded by a professional triathlete Brendan Brazier and Sequel Naturals founder Charlie Chang. As an athlete and healthy lifestyle advocates, they believe nutrition is the key to success. Their product – Whole Food Health Optimizer was the beginning of a life-changing event. It was conceptualized by realizing that a clean, plant-based nutrition diet was essential, thus the birth of an all-in-one nutritional shake nourishing ingredients for convenience.

Since 2001, Vega has been delivering its promise to its customers with their core values of integrity, passion, teamwork, sustainability, respect, goal setting and unwavering determination. They strive for excellent performance and constant improvements. Vega is one of the fastest growing companies providing individuals with plant-based nutrition products, made from authentic whole foods ingredients to sustain your health – this coupled with their goal of ensuring that there is no negative impact on the planet’s health.

Plant-based nutrition diet

The plant-based diet has been growing in popularity among the health-conscious individuals. A plant-based diet is a diet based on foods derived from plants including vegetables, whole-grains, nuts, and fruits. It varies from consumption of vegetarian diets (which includes eggs or dairy but no animal food intake) or no animal products (vegan diet) or a semi-vegetarian diet which contains a small amount of meat.

Plant-based diets are normally cost-effective, reduce the number of medications required to treat chronic diseases, lower rates of heart diseases, decrease blood pressures and cholesterol levels as well as prevent obesity. There have been a growing number of people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases due to poor dietary choices and unhealthy lifestyle. While physicians may not recommend plant-based diet as the first line of treatment, it is still advisable to be mindful of what we feed our body and brain. It was estimated in 1999 that about “4 billion people live primarily on plant-based diets” and that “shortage of cropland, freshwater, and energy resources requires that most of the 4 billion people live primarily on a plant-based diet”. (Source: David Pimentel, Marcia H. Pimentel, Food, Energy, and Society, CRC Press, 2007)

Fruits and vegetables are packed with a lot of nutrients fibers which aides in digestion and prevent constipation. A high fiber diet can also help in fighting against colon cancer. Most plants contain Vitamin A essential for your vision. A balanced plant-based diet from Vitamin A enriched plants such as carrot, spinach, kale, squash or grapes consists of lutein and zeaxanthin pigments which prevents cataract and poor vision.

Going on a plant-based diet also reduces risks of protein-deficiency. While most proteins are found in red meat, they can also be found in much healthier options from beans, nuts, or lentils.

Cutting back on meat consumption also lowers the intake of saturated fats which are known contributors of clogged pores. Many vitamins in fruits and vegetable contribute to a healthy and glowing skin. Like the lycopene in tomatoes that helps skin from sun damage and the Vitamin C in sweet potatoes that smooths wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen.

Studies have shown that people who are on a plant-based diet live an average of 3 to 6 years longer than those who are not.

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Vega Protein  and its Plant-Based products

Vega Protein offers all plant-based diet foods to all its consumers. Vega protein products are minimally processed, nutrient-packed, convenient, and clean. Products are certified vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and made without dairy or soy products, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners – guaranteed real, whole foods.

Vega protein products are ideal for pre/mid or post workout, for everyday nutrition and for people on the go. They have powders ranging from Vega Protein Powders, Nutritional Vega  Protein Powders, Pre Workout Energy Powders, Hydration Powders, and Post Workout Recovery Powders.


  • Vega Protein Clean Protein Powder – an ideal post workout shake. This 25 grams complete protein shake helps build and repair strong muscle (with 15 servings per tub) is also packed with 4g BCAAs and 4g glutamine. Comes in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors and can be shaken or blended, this is best enjoyed 45 to 90 minutes post workout. Made from pea, hemp, pumpkin and alfalfa, Vega Clean Protein powder is guaranteed gluten-free, non-GMO certified and without any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or soy ingredients.
  • Vega Protein One All-In-One Plant-based Protein Powder – made from pea, hemp, SaviSeed, and flax. Boasting with a complete amino acid profile, these 20 grams of complete, multisource plant-based vega protein has fiber, 1.5 grams Omega-3s, probiotics, and antioxidants. Mix one scoop of Vega One in ice cold water or non-dairy beverage or blend them into your favorite smoothie and you’re are sure to have that boost you need for the day.
  • Vega Protein Sport Performance Protein – a complete multisource blend of premium, a plant-based vega protein made from pea, hemp, alfalfa and sunflower seeds. This shake assures to give enough fuel before, during and after a workout. With no sugar added, this shake has 20% more protein, BCAAs, and glutamine than the other formula. Contains 160 calories, 50% DV of 12 vitamins and minerals, 6 g fiber, 1.5g Omega-3 ALA and 1 billion CFU Bacillus coagulans, this shake is everything you want.
  • Vega Clean Protein – made without added sugars, this 25 grams powder from pea, hemp, alfalfa and pumpkin seeds, helps build and repair muscles. This is ideal for people who are always training and need a clean fuel for their body. Every post-workout serving has 4 grams of essential amino acids. Shake it or blend it, Vega Clean Protein powder is an upgrade from your normal vega protein shakes.
  • Vega Protein and Greens – with 20 grams of vega proteins, just 110 calories and 2 servings of greens with ingredients like spinach powder, organic kale powder, and broccoli, Vega Protein and Greens give you the convenient vega protein lift you can either take on the go or part of a healthy breakfast. With different flavors to choose from (Vanilla, Berry, Chocolate, Coconut Almond, Natural, and Tropical), just mix one scoop in one cup of ice cold water or non-dairy product, shake and then go! This is a very convenient and fast way to pack your body with all the essential nutrients to make you last through a tough day or routine.

Other protein powder products available are Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer, Vega Sport Post-Workout Recovery Accelerator, Vega Sport Pre-Workout Sugar-Free Energizer and more.


  • Vega Protein Maca capsules – made from pure and certified premium organic maca traditionally growing in the Andean highlands, these capsules promote vitality, contribute to a feeling of an overall well-being, maintain good health and provide antioxidant support. Harvested sustainably in partnership with the Peruvian farmers, this is produced by using a heat extrusion process called gelatinization to improve absorption and centralize the active micronutrients within. Take 2-4 capsules daily or suggested by a physician for that well-balanced, energized and stressed-free life.
  • Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator – a plant-based dietary supplement with zero calories is great to fuel your active lifestyle without any compromise. It helps prepare, sustain and recover the body while doing that workout. Vega Protein is for adults only and effective to drink during training to replenish electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants released. This is also ideal to sustain muscle function and/or drink throughout the day for continuous hydration and refueling.
  • Vega Protein Chlorella – a 68% complete protein easily digestible capsule, Vega Chlorella contains antioxidant carotenoid beta-carotene and provides 15% of your daily value of vitamin A to maintain good eyesight, promote healthy skin and support the immune function. Grown in Japan on sub-tropical coral islands, Vega Chlorella is also packed with 200% daily value of Vitamin D to help maintain strong muscles and teeth. This is available in a 500 mg 300 tablets tub or in powder form which can be conveniently added to your favorite smoothie.
  • Vega Vitamins Drink Mix – comes in delicious flavors of grapefruit orange, blackberry-currant, and mango pineapple, this refreshingly drinkable vitamin blend provides 50% daily value of 11 vitamins and can be easily stashed in a bag, compartment or desk drawer. Getting vitamins has never been easier. Vega Vitamins drink mix will help you fit in the nutrition you want anywhere, anytime.
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Vega Protein  Sport Endurance Gel – for those taking endurance gels on the run, bike or during any activity, Vega Sports Endurance Gels have unique ingredients with real fruit pieces in them and packed with minerals and electrolytes. The gels are light in flavor and have no bad aftertaste leaving your mouth bright and fresh and still getting that precious energy the body needs. Comes in Orange Zest and Raspberry flavor, the Vega Sport Endurance Gels utilizes rice dextrin which can ease digestion. The gels are easy to digest and a good fuel for workouts over 45 minutes – the right energy to help through an intense and long training session.


  • Vega One All-in-One Meal Bar – designed as a meal replacement bar this on-the-go bar covers the nutritional needs of vega protein, fibers, antioxidants, and greens and has 270 calories. The Chocolate Peanut Butter comes with two delicious layers – a fudgy slab layer next to a crunchy layer of whole nuts, seeds, and goodies. Also available in deliciously mouthwatering Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Cherry Almond, or Chocolate Coconut Cashew flavors. Instead of having that fast food fix to ease your hunger or getting that morning kick from a cup of coffee, grab the Vega One All-in-One Meal Bar instead – a healthy way to start the day.
  • Vega Protein Bar – made from whole food ingredients including almonds, cashews, buckwheat, brown rice crisps, chia, and hemp seeds Vega Snack Bar is the ultimate answer to manage those mid-day munchies or keep that hunger under control. With so many flavors to choose from – Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Coconut Cashew, Dark Chocolate Mixed Nuts and Sea Salt – indulging in a Vega Snack Bar is the feel-good, on-the-go snack to help sustain the body until that next meal.
  • Vega Protein Bar – ideal to support post-workout recovery, this bar has 250 calories and 15 grams of complete multisource plant-based protein. The 27g mixture of high and low-glycemic carbs is ideal for immediate and sustained energy. A truly great-tasting bar, Vega Sport Protein Bar has the earthy, smooth texture that makes your mouth water. It also has 2g of glutamine that helps build and repair muscles. Available in Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Peanut Butter, these bars are a very filling post-workout food.
  • Vega Protein Energy Bar – a mid-workout bar, it has 1g of Omega-3 and contains 27g of high and low-glycemic carbohydrates. Moist and delicious, Vega Sport Energy Bar has 230 calories and complete vega protein to give the muscle the boost to push harder, last longer and go beyond the limits. Available in Apple Cherry and Chocolate Coconut Almond, it refuels the body mid-workout.


Vega Protein + Shake (Chocolate and Vanilla Flavor) – best enjoyed chilled, these ready-to-drink shakes are loaded with 20 grams of complete vega protein and has essential fatty acids from flaxseed. Creamier than any vega protein powder drinkable blend, this is a convenient shake to help you charged and fulfilled for the next hours. With only 170 calories, 3-4 grams of fiber, 1g of Omega-3 and 12 vitamins and minerals, Vega Protein + Shake is a complete nutritional choice of beverage on the go.

These foods are clean – a popular choice among many

All the foods from Vega are made with complete precision and the ingredients used are 100 percent plant-based. This simply means that utmost care is taken on manufacturing these foods and making sure that very little processing takes place while making these food items. If you are someone who is always conscious of processed foods, then nutritional foods from Vega protein  can be your ultimate choice.

  • Foods are certified as vegan
  • These foods are gluten-free
  • They do not contain any GMO and therefore safe to use

The food items from Vega are made using all natural types of products and therefore you know that these are safe and synthetic free. It also means that you do not get any artificial sweetening, colors or even flavors. So, whatever you get is absolutely natural, wholesome and healthy.

In case you have doubts whether or not you want to pick these products, then shun your worries, as these food products are best in the business and made from high-quality plant-based extracts.

How is Vega different from other brands of natural nutrition products?

The company has been dedicated and committed to following a wide range of company values and ethics. There are a number of brands that offer a similar type of product range for its target audience. The professional, dedicated and experienced staff at the company makes it an effort to bring the most top quality of products to offer. So, if you are someone who is looking for high-quality nutrition products then you do not have to look any further. You are at the right place. The company is committed to offering innovation into each of their products and the consumers can have a wholesome nutrition.

There are a lot of people who are allergic or sensitive to synthetic or artificial products when it comes to nutrition. Therefore, it becomes difficult to find the right product that caters to the specific needs of the brand. On the other hand, at this band, you should rest assured that all the products are of great quality and does not contain and any types of synthetic or harmful ingredients that would bring down the nutrition level or harm the metabolism of the body.

The team at this company is specifically looking after the process of creating premium quality products. The attitude and passion of the professional staff here is bang on so you do not have to worry about any of these things. So, what are you waiting for any more? This is the place for premium quality foods for your nutritional and healthy, wholesome needs.

Look out for the best vega protein and wholesome foods that are plant-based at Vega Protein!

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Vega Protein Goals

Vega has a goal of ensuring that people live a healthy life. They not only have these nutritional diet shakes and supplements available, they also offer other resources to help you gain more knowledge and understanding about these plant-based diets.

They have the Learning Center that offers quick tips, in-depth articles, infographics and more to broaden your ideas on plant-based nutrition, self-care, sports nutrition, stress management and even just to fulfill your curiosity on this kind of lifestyle. The Recipe Center provides you with enjoyable and yummy healthy plant-based recipes to personalize your taste and makes blending and cooking more delightful.

Vega’s free nutrition and training plans at help you for a better performance. Learn from athletes on how Vega helps them with endurance and strength as well as conditions them for the next training or event.

Their #BestLifeProject provides everyday inspiration to the world – peek into how other people live their life or share your story.

Brendan Brazier’s free personalized online program through helps people know, eat and thrive better. Navigate to the 40+ video lessons, recipes, meal plans and an enormous supply of supplemental materials that covers the basics of plant-based nutrition diet to help transform your life.

What sets Vega Protein apart from all the other manufacturers of plant-based nutrition diets is their proudly unique, vibrant and engaged culture dedicated to delivering only the best nutrients for the body. With passion, positive attitude, endless innovative ideas, and determination to create a healthy world, Vega always creates something different in bringing you the high-quality plant-based naturally healthy products you will all love.

Conclusion on Vega Protein

Shifting to a plant-based diet has a lot of benefits – not only does going on a plant-based diet make your body healthy, it also improves your mental health and of course, you save animals and help reduce the toll on the environment. However, a plant-based diet should not just be the only thing that you will have to do to have a healthy life. Everything should be taken into moderation and always balanced. A good exercise, good enough sleep, and healthy food intake should be done to achieve the long and healthy life we all should have.

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