Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream

Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream Review 2018 (Updated July 2019)

What is Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream?

Most women would do almost anything to get a curvaceous body. Curves have always been a massive part of every woman’s femininity, and therefore, it’s easy to understand why enhancement products are quite popular. Additionally, some women want to get more projected hips and bust for aesthetic purposes. As a woman with a fuller bust, you always get an extra boost in confidence. This is because the appearance delivers a fantastic aesthetic effect whose impact affects not just the people around you but also your psychological perception. It is believed that women with better curves feel a lot more comfortable wearing tight clothes and bikinis and as a result, their self-esteem goes over the roof. This is the sort of impact that lots of women out there are seeking.

In achieving this, the option is unlimited. I mean, there are hundreds of products and cosmetic surgeons out there all of whom are claiming to have finally found the best technique or product formula with some of the promising results in hours! Unfortunately, we all know that a good percentage of them are never as effective as advertised. Vollure cream, however, is something else. There is a reason why this product is among the best-selling breast enhancement creams in the market right now, and I’m here to tell you why this is so.

Vollure isn’t one of those new products which you have to shy away from using until several users have posted their reviews. This breast cream has been around for years now. It is, however, not the same way it was years ago. You see, customer tastes and preferences change with time, and so does technology. New compounds and ingredients are continually being discovered and for most companies to keep their clients satisfied they need to be updated and have their products advanced. This is precisely what has happened to vollure. The breast cream was recently acquired by, Bauer Nutrition where it has received a new face and undergone multiple improvements making it the incredible masterpiece it is today.

This product is formulated using 100% natural ingredients. It is also paraben-free, and this has saved users from dozens of potential complications. This cream has been tested under quality and independent studies where it was scientifically confirmed to be capable of improving the fullness and firmness of breasts, and that’s not all; the cream will go as far as lifting up the breasts! Sagging breasts will be the least of your worries. The company has even gone as far as releasing data where they are confident you will experience an 8.4% increase in breast volume within 60 days! In fact, the product is sold with a hassle-free 60 days customer satisfaction guarantee! If this doesn’t build your confidence and trust in the product, I honestly don’t know what will.

Why Choose Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream?

In a market where there are so many different kinds of breast enhancers, why should you try Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream? This sort of questions and skepticism is perfectly understandable considering the number of fraudulent products in the market nowadays. Therefore, if you are still wondering why Vollure stands out or why you should give it a shot, here are a few reasons that should answer your questions:

  • It’s a Safe, Natural and Effective Technique

Vollure Breast Enhancement Creamis formulated using naturally derived ingredients that will safely help to augment your breasts. With this product, you won’t be undergoing any injections and neither will a doctor be cutting you open. The natural compounds used have undergone thorough clinical studies which have proven their efficacy beyond a reasonable doubt. Why are natural compounds important? Use of natural compounds is always much safer than the majority of the pharmaceutical grade compounds found in most cosmetic products. Natural ingredients react well to the body triggering it to naturally increase your bust.

  • Delivers Noticeably firmer breasts

Gone are the days when breast firmness only seemed achievable through surgery. With the Vollure cream, your breasts gain that sort of firmness you’ve been admiring from lingerie models. This is because of the ingredients used in Vollure assist in increasing the cellular volume around the breast. As a result, the breast gains firmness which will also consequently eliminate sagging. In one study where the women were placed under daily usage of the cream, it was established that after just a few weeks of applying the cream an increase of more than 22 times was noted in cellular volume. Moreover, lipid storage wasn’t left behind as it increased by more than 600%!

  • A measurable increase in breast size

Most companies would beat around the bush when you try to ask them to put a figure on the amount of impact you should expect after using their product. The case is very different when dealing with Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream. Bauer Nutrition has already said that 8.4% increase in bust size will be achieved after just 60 days of using the cream. There is hence no speculation about when or how much difference you should wait for. This cream offers real and measurable results. Can you say the same about other breast enhancement creams?!

  • Fantastic results without undergoing invasive surgeries

We all know of people that really want to get the sort of curves surgeries can deliver but the thought of going under a knife is just unbearable to them. There is also another group of women that have been unable to go through the cosmetic procedure because of preexisting conditions that can very quickly lead to complications. If any of these were stopping you from enjoying the curves you’ve been dreaming of then Vollure is here to bring your dreams to life. This cream increases, fullness, firmness and lifts the breasts without leaving any marks on your body. The results may not be as dramatic as that which can be achieved from surgeries but it still guarantees to give your bust a stunning boost. Actually, the sort of impact that this cream delivers is usually a lot more realistic and natural than the kind of result most invasive surgeries give.

How does Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream Work?

Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream is made with sturdy ingredients that are quickly absorbed through the skin when topically applied. Once in skin tissues and cells beneath, the compounds improve the breast’s volume at the cellular level, and with time the impact will be seen and felt above. The ingredients used here include:

  • Macelignan

This is a natural compound derived from nutmeg nut. Macelignan is scientifically proven to be excellent in improving tissue volume and stimulating the growth of new tissues. The compound achieves this by triggering PPAR-Y2 receptors which regulate the production of fat cells.

  • Macadamia Oil

Macadamia oils provide immense benefits in breast enhancement. The oils, for instance, have high quantities of vitamins (B1 & B2), minerals and monounsaturated fatty acids which do more than just increasing the size of your breasts. The fatty acids will also be critical in making your skin smooth. Macadamia oils will ensure that the other vital ingredients penetrate and are transported into their target cells for you to enjoy their benefits.

  • Sarsapogenin

Sarsapogenin is extracted from Anemarrhena Asphodeloides, an Asian botanical plant. The compound is responsible for increasing the size of breast tissues and the milk ducts beneath which leads to firmer and fuller breasts. The compound is paraben free and does not contain any petroleum or propylene glycol byproducts. Sarsapogenin offers realistic breast results unmatched by other creams.

  • Using Vollure Cream

Wash your hands and squeeze two drops of vollure cream in your hands and then rub it around your breasts in circular motions. Do this for several minutes to ensure that the cream is fully absorbed.

Where Can I Buy Vollure cream?

Vollure breast enhancement cream is available on the official Bauer website. A single unit of the cream is currently going for $69.95. Two pieces cost $139.90, and you get one for free. You can also buy three pieces for $209.85 and get another 3 for free!


Gone are the days you had to watch gorgeous women from the stands because there’s nothing you can do to live the dream. Vollure offers you the perfect opportunity for a projected bust without any procedures and at an affordable price. Join the dozens of ladies out there today who have seen this cream turn their lives around by positively changing how they look and feel about themselves.

User Reviews

“Been using Vollure for a month now and definitely notice fuller breasts, it has also reduced sagging. I am very pleased with the product.” By Jenna Wilson

“My boyfriend says that my breasts are bigger. ;)” By Pam

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