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Weider Prime Review 2019 – Benefits & Side Effects

Weider Prime Introduction

Testosterone is without a doubt one of the most important hormones in a man’s body. Though the hormone occurs naturally in the body, the levels start to drop from the age of 30 and many men start to experience the negative effects of this decrease. Over time, these effects can considerably affect the quality of life. Some of the common effects of low testosterone in the body include loss of muscle, low libido, and low mental focus just to mention but a few. To help alleviate the problem and slow this natural process there are numerous testosterone supplements that have been tried, tested, and proven to help a great deal where low testosterone levels are concerned.

weider prime review

Weider Prime Testosterone Support is one of the most popular testosterone supplements available in the market today. The supplement comes with a number of ingredients designed to boost testosterone levels in the body among other functions. Below is a detailed Weider prime review that highlights the key ingredients, the pros, and the cons associated with this supplement. The review also takes into consideration Weider Prime Testosterone Reviews from users who have actually used the supplements and have given their experience on how the testosterone supplement works.

Weider Prime Benefits

As highlighted above, this is a Testosterone supplement. The supplement is to be taken daily by men who do not want to deal with the negative effects of low testosterone levels in their bodies. The supplement also works to reduce body fat. Just like any other supplement, this product is easy and safe to use as long as all instructions are followed to the letter.

The key ingredients in the supplement include ashwagandha root extract, cordyceps extract, and diindolylmethane. These ingredients work in different ways to trigger the natural production of testosterone in the person taking them. Other ingredients include chromium, piperine, vitamins, and minerals. All these are important for the general health and wellbeing of the body.

The Weider Prime Support Supplement is a creation of the Weider Global Nutrition Company. The Company has created quite a name for itself and is a trusted brand in this industry. Though this Company was established in the 1930s, it only started producing this testosterone supplement four years ago. In the past four years, the supplement has gained recognition as a product that actually works and is also safe for use by men suffering from low testosterone levels. It is now one of the most popular testosterone supplements in the market today.

How does it work?

This supplement is designed to boost the natural production of testosterone in the body. As the body loses its ability to produce testosterone with age, this supplements designed to boost the production of this essential hormone and restore it to the normal level. The supplement does not contain any testosterone. It only comes with ingredients that promote the production of this hormone in the body.

The fact that the supplement does not contain any artificial testosterone makes it very safe to use. The body is responsible for producing the much-needed testosterone once the supplement is ingested. The body is able to regulate the testosterone levels and ensure that users do not have to suffer the consequences of testosterone that go beyond the normal levels.

The natural ingredients used to make this supplement are known to boost the production of testosterone. The ingredients also boost body metabolism, enhance stress resistance, and improve workout performance. Some weider prime reviews also point out that users experienced enhanced overall wellness after taking the supplement for some time.

It is important to remember that this supplement and any other testosterone supplement for that matter cannot take care of low testosterone levels once and for all. Men need to address the cause of low testosterone levels otherwise the problem will still recur even after undergoing intense hormone replacement therapy.

In men, stress and high level of toxins are the two main causes of low testosterone levels. Though the ingredients in the Weider Prime Supplement are designed to lower stress and enhance the body’s ability to relieve stress and get rid of toxins, every man should take bold steps to help with stress and high toxin levels. Fortunately, a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise, and a good support system is all it takes to take care of stress and ensure a healthy body. These coupled with the Weider Prime Supplement can help a great deal and ensure that normal testosterone levels are maintained.

Weider Prime does not produce the same results for everyone. Given that all our bodies are different, some people experience great results while others experience minimal if any results. For best results, users are encouraged to take the supplement twice every day with food. The duration one chooses to take Weider Prime supplement is dependent on the expected results and the state of the body.

The fact that the supplements are majorly made of natural ingredients means that users can take the supplement for a prolonged duration without worrying about the adverse side effects commonly associated with artificial products. The supplement is safe for use by men in different age groups not to mention the fact that it can be used for a prolonged period with minimal effect to your health.

Weidr Prime Key Ingredients 

  • Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha, otherwise known as Indian Ginseng is a plant. The roots and berries of this plant contain chemicals that work to reduce inflammation, calm the brain, and boost the immune system. This extract has been used by different communities to help cure and manage a number of conditions. These conditions include asthma, insomnia, and skin conditions. The extract is also used to help in the management of anxiety and other stress-related conditions and halt the effects of aging.

In Weider Prime, this extract works to suppress the production of cortisol in the body. This, in turn, helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety. This reduced stress is what has been found to have a positive effect on testosterone levels naturally produced in the body of all men.

Ashwagandha is considered safe when taken over a short duration. Since the amount in this supplement is regulated, it is highly unlikely that taking Weider Prime, even for a prolonged duration, can lead to any side effects. Recorded side effects are also really mild and include vomiting, stomach upset, and diarrhea. People suffering from autoimmune conditions may, however, want to be careful when taking anything containing this extract as it has been found to activate the immune system and make such conditions worse.

  • Cordyceps Extract

This is a fungus extracted from mushrooms and certain caterpillars in China. The extract is known as one of nature’s best gifts and it is used to treat a variety of conditions ranging from simple coughs to liver disorders. The extract is also extensively used in the treatment and management of male sexual problems.

Different studies have shown that the Cordyceps extract work to regulate the testosterone levels in the body. It is, therefore, used to lower testosterone levels in men with extremely high levels of this hormone and boost the testosterone levels in men with a low supply of this hormone. Thanks to its stimulating properties, this extract also works to enhance stamina, increase energy levels in the body, and considerably help reduce fatigue.

This is a natural extract that is considered safe. Doctors’ advice is, however, required for people with bleeding disorders as the extract has been found to slow down clotting in the blood. Care should also be taken by people suffering from autoimmune conditions. The levels in the supplement are, however, considerably low and there are no weider prime reviews that highlight any of these side effects. Diindolylmethane

This is a molecule commonly found in broccoli, kale, and cauliflower, and is known to act as an aromatase inhibitor. By inhibiting the aromatase enzyme, this component helps prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in the body. Diindolylmethane also works to convert high potent estrogen into low potent estrogen. This way, it helps lower the effect of estrogen in the body and ensure that testosterone levels remain within the normal range.

The Diindolylmethane in Weider Prime is used to help boost the production of testosterone in a man’s body. This component also works to keep the body balanced and help take care of some of the issues that could be leading to low testosterone levels.

This component is quite safe. A serving of two tablets come with 50mgs of this component. This amount is beneficial to the body in more ways than one which explains why foods such as broccoli and kales that come with this component are considered healthy and an important part of a healthy diet.

Pros of Weider Prime

  • Multiple Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

The three key ingredients are known to boost the production of testosterone in the body. The ingredients work in different ways and when combined, they form a healthy blend that is sure to change and improve the level of testosterone in any man. The 3 key ingredients have been used by different communities for many years and there is no doubt that they actually work.

  • Primarily Natural

Nature has most if not all the solutions to the conditions affecting us today. The goodness of natural products is that they do not come with the side effects associated with synthetic products. Most natural products are also safe and can be taken even in huge amounts with minimal effect on the body. The Weider Prime Testosterone Support Supplement is considered safe for use and men, both young and old, can take it without having to worry about any adverse side effects in the present and near future.

  • Nutrient-Packed

This supplement comes with 10 ingredients that contain a good portion of the essential nutrients that the body needs to perform optimally. This means that aside from helping with low testosterone levels, Weider Prime also works to promote the overall health of the body. People taking the supplement, therefore, benefit from the energy boost and high libido that come with high testosterone levels and also enjoy improved general health.

Cons of Weider Prime

  • Not as potent

This supplement is designed for men who want to boost the physical performance, their energy levels, and address the side effects associated with low testosterone levels. The supplement is not as potent and users have to combine the supplement with a healthy lifestyle to get the best result.

For men with extremely low testosterone levels, more potent solutions are required. The fact, however, that this is majorly a natural solution makes it ideal for men who simply want to get that testosterone edge into their system. The supplement is also easy to use, safe, and non-intrusive unlike other hormone replacing solutions.

  • Could do with several other testosterone-boosting Ingredients

Fenugreek, one of nature’s best testosterone boosters, is lacking in this supplement. An addition of this ingredient among other testosterone-boosting natural ingredients could give this supplement the edge it needs to feature among the most potent and natural testosterone boosters. Though the ingredients list is quite impressive, the supplement has a lot of potentials and it can be improved to form a more potent and highly effective testosterone booster.

Weider Prime Verdict

From this comprehensive review, it is clear that the weider prime testosterone support supplement works. Going by the numerous weider prime testosterone reviews available online, it is also clear that many have used the supplement to successfully boost their testosterone and overall performance. It helps that Weider Prime is readily available and also user-friendly. That said it is important to note that this is not a magic solution.

Some weider prime reviews are negative as some people did not experience any significant change even after continued use. Though this may be due to many reasons, it is clear that this supplement alone will not magically restore your testosterone levels. You have to change your lifestyle and incorporate a healthy diet into your lifestyle. You also have to deal with accumulated toxins and stress that could be the cause of the low testosterone levels. You also have to be consistent and take the supplement as instructed. If you do not see any change, then it would be wise to visit a specialist who can diagnose the problem and also offer a more potent and comprehensive hormone replacement therapy.

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