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Where to find a personal trainer in Pittsburgh?

Choosing a Personal Trainer in Pittsburgh


When it comes to looking good, there’s hardly a better way of achieving the perfect physique than by hiring a personal trainer. In fact, personal trainers are a must-have for all those individuals who just need someone to push them in the right direction.


Now, Pittsburgh is not a huge city like New York. However, it might prove to be quite difficult to find the right personal trainer there. But that’s why we’re here to help you out. We’ve researched the statistics, and we’ve gathered information about all sorts of trainers you might be interested in.


Does this sound like something you’d love to read? Then read until the end — this is your ultimate guide for choosing a personal trainer in Pittsburgh.


How many personal trainers are there in Pittsburgh and are they expensive?


If you’re anything like some other people in this incredible city, then you probably know someone who knows someone who has a personal trainer. Nevertheless, maybe a word-of-mouth recommendation is not what you’re looking for. Maybe you need some cold facts about personal trainers in Pittsburgh.


Well, we’re here to deliver those facts. According to the official statistics found on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, there are approximately 2,080 fitness trainers and aerobics instructors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


That’s good news for those who want to lose weight, shape their bodies or tone up once and for all. However, what you’re not going to like is the fact that an hour of training with these trainers will cost you about $20.


For some, that amount is not that high. But there are people out there who just won’t be able to afford to pay that much for one single training session. In any case, since there are many choices, about 2000 of them to be exact, you’re bound to find a personal trainer in Pittsburgh that will tick all your requirement boxes. All you have to do is focus and decide what kind of a personal trainer you are looking for.


Types of personal trainers — how to pick the right one


The personal trainer you go for will have to meet your needs completely. Thus, it’s vital to ensure you’ve made a good choice before you commit to a few training sessions per week.


So what are you looking for? What does your dream body look like? More importantly, are you willing to commit and sweat almost every day for it? These are all valid questions you ought to have answers to. But let us help you out a bit. Here are some of the goals you might have and the personal trainers that will certainly help you achieve them.


For a lean, strong body and lots of energy


Yoga is one of the best types of exercise you can opt for nowadays. Not only does it nourish your body from within, but it also calms your mind and reduces the amount of stress you might be feeling.


However, yoga is not that easy to do without a good personal yoga instructor. Thus, it’s always better to opt for a personal trainer that will show you all the moves and correct your technique whenever possible. In essence, you should either pick a small yoga group or hire a personal instructor. In our experience, having someone’s undivided attention when practicing yoga is always a fantastic choice.


With yoga, your body will elongate, and you will build lean muscles that will never give off a bulky vibe. Furthermore, since yoga requires you to learn how to breathe properly and carry your own weight, you can bet you’ll get stronger with each session.


For a strong core


Pilates is somewhat similar to yoga, in the sense that it also relaxes your mind while you’re working out. Nevertheless, a fantastic Pilates instructor will also make you work on your core and hit those muscles you never knew even existed. Moreover, unlike yoga, Pilates sometimes entails the use of certain machines, which can give you a toned and flexible body.


For weight loss


There’s nothing better than an incredible boot camp instructor to get you in tip-top shape. In fact, boot camps are extremely popular today, mostly because they provide you with incredible results in just a matter of weeks.


If you’re not ready to feel the pressure and feel the burn, then maybe opt for boot camps after a few yoga sessions. But if you want your body to be strong and without any excess fat, then you should consider them. Boot camps are the perfect type of exercise to keep yourself accountable. Furthermore, sometimes we need someone to push us and take us out of our comfort zone so as to improve our health.


For weight loss and maintaining a perfect physique


There are many gyms in Pittsburgh where you can hire a personal trainer to just maintain a healthy body weight. These trainers are mostly known for their love of cardio, so expect that you’ll spend a decent amount of time on treadmills and stair-steppers.


For reducing fat


Back in the day, people thought that cardio was the only way you could lose weight effectively. However, nowadays, it’s best to opt for weightlifting if you want to reduce fat in all parts of your body.


Weightlifting is a skill, and it’s a mighty one at that. After just a few sessions, you’ll feel the burn in almost every single muscle in your body. Moreover, you will gain a lot of energy, and after a while, you won’t find weightlifting difficult at all. And the results? Fantastic muscles, great flexibility, lift in areas that were never lifted before and weight loss.


Hiring a mobile personal trainer in Pittsburgh vs. gym trainers


Lastly, we ought to talk about whether you’d prefer to hire a personal trainer at the gym or have a mobile one visit you whenever you want.


Both of these choices are a good option for busy professionals who don’t have the time to create their own workout routine. However, when it comes to mobile personal trainers in Pittsburgh, you will be getting a lot more than just a trainer.


You will get a friend who will cheer you on whenever a sit-up gets too tough. You will get someone who will adjust their schedule according to your own. Thus, you won’t ever have to make up excuses, as you’ve already cleared a part of your day for a workout. What’s more, by hiring a mobile personal trainer, you’ll get a chance to work out everywhere. Your office, your home, a park nearby, or even at the local stadium — the choices are endless.


But if you prefer gyms and using machines, then make sure you hire a personal trainer there. These machines may look simple, but they are far more complicated than you might think. So for best results, you need someone to show you which ones you should use and for how long. This personal trainer will also work on your flexibility and posture. What’s more, they’ll make sure you’ve warmed up and cooled down before and after each session.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way


You have all the necessary information that will help you choose the right personal trainer in Pittsburgh. All you have to do now is determine what your goals are and embrace the personal training routine. Trust us — it will be worth it!


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