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White Kidney Bean Extract 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is White Kidney Bean Extract?

Are you one of those people who feel jealous of a friend who has the luxury to eat all kinds of heavy carb food and not gain any weight? Oh, the lucky ones, aren’t they? I mean these people should not exist, right? And here you are, picking every bite consciously to make sure you limit your carb intake to be or get in that perfect shape. Ever fantasized to have the same magical power as your friend’s? White Kidney Bean Extract might just be your answer. So, what is it exactly? By just the name we cannot even put it into a category to classify. However, your mind will find it a bit easier to comprehend when it hears its alias, the carb blocker. It means exactly the way it sounds.

White Kidney bean extract works as a carb blocker and restricts the starchy carb in your food intake to be digested completely. Now, where does the excess eaten carbohydrate go? These excess undigested starches are excreted by your body or else given to the colonic bacteria present in the gut to feed on. And hence no calories are absorbed. Lower calories mean lower weight gain.

Studies also show that when taken in a supplement to high carb diets or overfeeding, the extracts reduce the expected weight or fat gain. Still feeling confused? Read on to understand the science of these carb blockers.

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Before getting on with carb, let’s understand how starch is converted into sugars and glucose by our body. The enzyme amylase starts breaking down any food that is starchy in sugars right as you consume it. Ever noticed the starchy foods like potato, white bread, rice tastes sweet as it dissolves in your mouth? That is amylase right there working its wonders. This process of breaking starch in sugars is performed only to a small degree in the mouth.  As it is consumed, the acidity of your stomach acids halts the enzyme from doing its job. So, the breakdown stops until the small intestines where your pancreas secretes more of this amylase enzyme in order to break down the starch into useful glucose to gain energy.

Now that we know how starch gets digested, understanding the way our carb blocker works will make much more sense. Phaseolus vulgaris is the ingredient in white kidney bean extract that prevents the pancreas from secreting any amylase. This, in turn, will stop the breakdown of starchy food into sugars. When you supplement 1.5 grams of these extracts with high carb food, half of the starch present in the food will not be broken down and digested. However, some side effects such as stomach bloating and excessive gas can be experienced by the person.

The carb blockers functions and is limited to prevent the breakdown of complex starch into simple starch only. All macronutrients other than starch will be digested just fine. So, if you are on a diet and decide to have a cheat meal, will these extracts reduce your calorie intake. The answer is “Possibly”. You see, it depends on what kind of food is included in your cheat meal. Food with heavy carbs just as lots of white rice and potatoes? Sure, carb blockers will work its way. But when your cheat meal consists of all your favorite pizza, lip-smacking ice-creams and brownies, oh well, these extracts can do little to help you.  These sugary snacks, saturated fat or anything that is not a starch cannot be prevented from digestion.

How does White Kidney Bean extract works?

The next question you are probably going to ask, “Who are these white kidney bean extracts meant for?” These carb blockers will work like all supplements. Just as fat burners available, the extracts supplement will be more effective for a person who goes from unhealthy diet to a healthy one along with an exercise routine. It won’t work the same way for a placebo segment. When a person who is already following a healthy lifestyle, and wants to incorporate additional weight loss will experience different effects when he uses the supplements. It gets a bit complicated here. As the low carb diet trends go on, these are the individuals who will get the least results from the extracts. Due to already low carb intake which would be less than 150 grams a day plus the cardio and the exercise session, every week will already make the individual energy deprived. Here, the extracts will have almost no effects. But if you do not want to give up on your favorite starchy food and still lose weight, in short, if you consume carbohydrates in the range of 250-300 grams a day, these carb blockers might as well help you shed those extra pounds. Also, if it wasn’t already obvious, people already in a calorie deficit, meaning they are consuming less than what they are burning, these carb blockers will provide no help. Clearly, the white kidney bean is meant for individuals who are new to the weight loss journey and fitness.

Understanding this would be helpful because every person is different and unique. The carb blockers are going to work in a different manner for everybody, as for all the supplements available in the market. These provide you with benefits when used in a right way. Some might receive strong positive results whereas some might as well see no result at all.      How the individual body processes, such as metabolism and insulin, work also matter a lot when considering the working and effects of the blocker. My advice, invest in it in case of extra cash! I would still prefer to lose the excess fat by calorie deficit, and pop up the supplement the day I would visit a restaurant and have a fancy cheat meal.

The verdict on White Kidney Bean

The carb blockers have proven itself by showing considerable evidence in case of clinical studies. These white kidney beans not only help in weight loss but are also great for the heart. As they contain vitamin B9 which reduces the levels of the compound named homocysteine in our hearts. Increased levels of homocysteine can contribute to heart diseases and strokes. These extracts are also rich in vitamin B1, which are good for your brain. The vitamin supplements the growth of healthy brain cells. Thus, daily supplementing of folic acid and thiamine-rich beans extracts can prove to be a fantastic way to a healthier life.

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