Wobenzym Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

What is  Wobenzym?

One of the market leaders in the world healthcare arena is the name Wobenzym that have been creating products backed by years of scientific research. What started almost 40 years ago as a pharmaceutical company in Germany has now transformed into a company that is synonymous with some of the finest products related to plant enzymes. Their products are typically plant-based enzymes as they make assimilation and absorption into the body very rapidly. Wobenzym is a clinically tested and tried product that has benefitted thousands of people by improving their joint health by improving mobility and discomfort. Their products have a vegetable enteric coating that allows for this rapid absorption resulting in fast action after intake. The common dosage of just around four to six tablets taken at regular intervals in a day is sufficient to ensure increased flexible and mobile joints.

It is not merely the flexibility that is enhanced but even the range of movement seems to gradually increase with its intake. The plant-based enzymes and antioxidants seem to hasten the delivery into the body and hence achieve a rapid utilization giving quick results that have given Wobenzym such dependability.


What are the benefits of Wobenzym?

  1. It is the result of a clinical study on enzyme formulae
  2. It is known to improve flexibility, mobility, and range of bone joints
  3. It definitely reduces discomfort and allows for quick recovery
  4. It provides excellent joint support
  5. Clinical study shows that all body joints are benefited from its use
  6. There is a definite reduction in aches, pains, and soreness from joints
  7. The enzyme coating makes absorption into the system rapid giving quick results.

(The above statements have however not been verified and evaluated by the FDA.)

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What gives Wobenzym such a high level of dependability and efficacy?

People worldwide are reporting the successful use of this treatment with improvement in bone joint disorders and discomforts. As these are having a coating of plant enzymes and antioxidants they provide an easy way to overcome bone joint mobility problems that plague thousands of people all over. Wobenzym has been in use for many years now and some of the cases are a testimony to the fact that this is undeniably a product that delivers stunning results. Clinical demonstration has been ample is showing results that can be trusted in exactly how effective the product is.

From a number of clinical tests, it is clear to see that its quick absorption into the body by dint of the plant enzyme base is what makes its popularity so widespread. It is in fact the only plant enzyme based product in its category that is available and allows for such popularity and trust. It is these enzymes that are capable of creating a catalytic effect that allows for such rapid dispersion. A pointer to its success can be measured by the depth of its scientific study in the global arena. It has a history of success and proof of efficiency among those that use it and will review the product as being truly beneficial. It is sold in 20plus countries and is being used worldwide by around 29 million people. It has been the subject of around 6 studies with over 2000 plus patients. These statistics should be a solid display of its trust worthiness.

Wobenzym ingredients 

Here’s a look at what the general contents of Wobenzym give it such a level of dependability. It contains Pancreatin, Papain, Carica Papaya, Bromelain, Ananus Comosus, Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Rutin, Sophora Japonica etc among others. This short listing makes it evident of its contents that are derived from plant and natural sources giving credence to its popularity and efficacy. Further, the dosage is also very easy making it such a trustworthy name all over the globe.

Some important observations about the product:

For those that intend to use Wobenzym, there are however some warnings that must be taken care of. Consultation of a healthcare professional is a must if the patient is pregnant, breastfeeding or suffering from any kind of internal bleeding disorder. As is common with most dietary supplements a general consultation with a healthcare professional is always advisable for this product as well.  Taking Wobenzym under advice from a medical specialist is always the correct procedure as this is a supplement.

How does Wobenzym work?

This plant based enzyme formula has been repeatedly tested in professional laboratories by reputed doctors, and its results showcase an extremely positive effect on joint health. Wobenzym has been created with a delicate yet powerful combination of important antioxidants, pancreatic enzymes, and various other plant-based enzymes. Several arthritis patients have gained complete relief after sticking to the path of using this natural enzymes formula.

So what’s the secret behind such a positive feedback? How is it better than other common arthritis medicines like Chondroitin? What truly makes this formula stand above other such formulas is the proprietary mixture of flavonoid rutin, papaya extract, bromelain and so on. Another significant benefit that this formula offers to its regular users is the minimization of the side effects. Wobenzym is both dairy and gluten free, and makes the formula safe for consumption for those who are allergic to the mentioned ingredients. Using Wobenzym as a daily relief from hammering arthritis pain means increased mobility and flexibility with zero risks of developing allergies.

Are there any cons in Wobenzym?

To the skeptics of Wobenzym, one of the biggest cons would be the immensely poor web presence. Although proven to be an effective relief for immense arthritis pain, the product has not received the kind of feedback that it should. The name ‘Wobenzym N’ is yet to enter the list of best formulas for treating arthritis and joint related problems.

Another issue commonly faced by its regular users is the time taken for the formula to work. An important point of distinction between Wobenzym and other joint pain targeted medicines is the formula, or the ingredients used. Chemically treated medicines always tend to show a faster reaction, but prove to be immensely harmful in the long run. Formulas created with natural substances such as Wobenzym N shows a gradual reaction, but does not show any signs of damage.

An important con that might affect some is the digestive issues caused by the regular usage of the product. People with poor dietary habits may face digestive problems while consuming Wobenzym.

How to use Wobenzym?

Wobenzym is meant to be consumed on an empty stomach, and therefore should be taken two hours after the meal or at least 45 minutes before one. It’s meant to be taken on an empty stomach, to prevent the enzymes in the formula from digesting the food proteins. The enzymes easily make their way to the bloodstream, and this helps cause the anti-inflammatory reactions. Users with moderate pain are advised to take 3 to 5 medicines daily, while those suffering from extreme conditions are advised to consume five to ten tablets daily. Those already suffering from digestive problems are recommended to stick to small regular dosages. This alleviates the risk of further digestive problems, and other issues like bloated stomach and diarrhea.

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