WonderSlim Review 2018-Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is WonderSlim?

Body image is normally vital to self-confidence, that’s why so many people are looking to lose or gain weight. It is such a tedious business too. Diets, supplements, fat burners – there are many tools available in the market to help cater to most any one’s fitness needs, and not everything works for everyone. For people looking to lose weight, there is no end to the kind of diets that will help you lose weight, which is why it’s tricky to figure out exactly which programs or plans are worth the time and effort. Here, we take a magnifying glass to WonderSlim to see if this one of those products that are worth your hard earned money, time and effort.

WonderSlim is a diet program that uses meal replacement as a key part of the plan to help you lose weight. The whole point of using these meal replacement products in their diet plan, allows dieters to enjoy high protein, low-calorie meals without the cost of nutrition loss. The plan encourages dieters to eat 7 to 8 small snack like meals day to help reduce hunger pangs, and promote weight loss.


Who makes WonderSlim?

Wonderslim is a brand that belongs to the parent company – Diet Direct. Wonderslim was created in 2001 with the aim to provide people with a weight loss program that used products designed to be high protein, low calorie, delicious and full of nutrition.

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How does it work?

If you are considering WonderSlim program for your weight loss journey, then the way the program works is that you choose one of three packages – “Basic”, “Core” and “Premium”. All three packages come in 2 weeks and 4-week plans.

  • On the Basic plan – you would receive a kit including – 3 meal replacements and 1 snack for each day of the duration of your chosen plan. This means that the 4 remaining small meals and snacks would have to be entirely up to you.
  • On the Core plan – you would receive a kit including – 3 meal replacements, 1 lunch, and 1 snack for each day of the duration of your chosen plan. This means that the 3 remaining small meals and snacks would have to be entirely up to you.
  • On the Premium plan – you would receive nearly all your daily requirements in your diet kit which would include 3 meal replacements, 1 lunch, 1 snack, 1 breakfast and 1 dessert for each day of the duration of your chosen plan. This means that the only meal completely up to you would be dinner.

The WonderSlim plan can work in a few ways. Once you have chosen your plan, you can then choose from a variety of flavors for the meal replacements, meals, and snacks as per your kit.  You can then be a part of the community and make some of their diet recipes for meals that the kits don’t provide. The WonderSlim program encourages dieters to have at least one freshly prepared meal that day. If you buy a kit, you receive a package with your meals, snacks and meal replacements, a daily meal plan, lifestyle guide, maintenance plan, food diary and food shopping list.

Advantages of Wonderslim

There are some wonderful things about the WonderSlim program, the biggest advantage is that unlike many diets, you are not scrambling for choice or left wanting. Many users have reviewed WonderSlim meal replacements and snacks to be quite delicious in terms of flavor.

WonderSlim’s lifestyle guide and food shopping list educate dieters on how much of a certain food they should eat to help lose weight without being restrictive, dieters are allowed to eat most foods in certain quantities. Fruits, dairy products, protein and starch-based foods cover all the major food groups which mean it is a good way for dieters to learn more about the food they are eating and what is good for them. This is important when dieters are in the maintenance stage and are looking to keep the weight off.

WonderSlim is not very restrictive when it comes to food. Some condiments are also allowed to help avoid the famous “diet food is bland” myth. WonderSlim also offers many options in terms of meal replacements, snacks, and prepackaged meals, there are so many different flavors that every person is sure to find products they enjoy which makes dieting a pleasant experience. The grocery list that comes with the chosen plan package will be tailored according to your needs and what is already included.

These meal replacement plans have been shown to work mostly because they are calorie restrictive and because the diet encourages eating every 2 – 3 hours, hunger pangs and overeating are also not a problem, both those factors together will definitely help you lose weight. You can choose a basic kit and then buy all kinds of different meal kits and meal replacements in addition to the ones in your package.

Another great thing about WonderSlim products is that there is complete transparency on their website regarding ingredients in the products, making sure the customers pay attention to nutritional info and ingredients list. This would also help avoid allergic reactions.

It seems clear that this is a program that is largely known to work. There are success stories on the website and a community where people share their journey. The MyWonderSlim community website offers WonderSlim users to create profiles, connect with other MyWonderSlim users, join conversations or learn things from the forums, create your own weight loss blog and follow other members, tools to help track, plan and more. The tools on the website include a calorie tracker, meal planner, weight tracker and exercise tracker to help track success and make dieters more diligent in their journey. The blog also includes lots of tips and tricks to help with weight loss. This is wonderful because when many people diet, they tend to feel alienated because most people in their immediate surroundings are probably not dieting. An online community is more likely to help people stay on track.

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Things to watch out for

While there are some great things about WonderSlim that make it a tempting diet program, there are also some problems that need to be taken into consideration.

The number one point that would make most people take a step back is probably the price point. The basic 2-week package comes for about $120, this is more of a starter kit and then you can keep renewing the plan or once you understand the kit, you can go ahead and independently purchase other products from their website. Yes, that one $120 also includes meal plans, guidance, and other tools, but it is still pretty pricey for just 2 weeks. This is especially concerning when you realize that healthy weight loss is not a sprint, it is a marathon, depending on how much you want to lose, the whole process of meeting your goals could easily take a few months or more. However, this is still affordable compared to other similar plans that include meal replacement products.

Another problem with the process of independently buying meal replacements, snacks, and prepackaged meal kits, is that it creates a dependency on WonderSlim products. The key to keeping the weight off is by finding a diet and lifestyle that helps you maintain it. You can’t diet, and then go back to eating like before, that’s a surefire way to put on all the weight right back. WonderSlim doesn’t really make sense for a long-term plan. It is absolutely great for a few months, even up to a year in you can afford it, but it doesn’t really make sense to be eating prepackaged meals and meal replacements for the rest of your life. Eventually, you would have to wean off these products or massively reduce consumption and find a more sustainable method.

Finally, depending on your reasons, WonderSlim products are not all natural and they do use artificial flavorings, color, and additives.

Final Say

The advantages and disadvantages very nearly negate each other, with WonderSlim being a good option for weight loss but only if you can afford to keep up with their plan for the duration of time it will take to meet your weight loss goals. On the plus side, the website shop does offer discounts on purchases, so that if you buy in bulk, you pay less. They ship free in the US but also offer to ship internationally to a few countries.

All in all, WonderSlim is a great program that does what it promises by using the meal replacement method combined with eating several small meals per day. If the price point is not a bother at all, then this might just be the program for you. If the price point is a bother, it might be worth looking at more affordable plans that make it easy to transition into a sustainable lifestyle to help with long-term weight loss goals.

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