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The Best Workout Gloves to Buy in 2018 (Updated July 2019)

Introduction to Workout Gloves

Is it really a must to wear workout gloves? Are there any benefits of wearing these gloves or are the individuals that do so just do it to look cool? You really can’t afford to step into your gym be it at home or out there without wearing workout gloves, well, unless you love calluses. As we are going to see, workout gloves are crucial in daily gym exercises where they don’t just protect you from blisters but also offer various other benefits that will make your workouts easier.

In the following review, we are going to give you the best-selling gloves in the market at the moment and we will go ahead to highlight a comprehensive buying guide that should help you make an informed decision when purchasing any other gloves.

But first;

Why do you need workout gloves?

If you are serious about your weightlifting then you need to get the most professional workout gloves out there. The right pair will benefit you in so many ways including:

  • Improved Grip

The more you lift weights the more your hands get slippery. This will not just affect your performance but can also be dangerous; what if you are lifting dumbbells and barbells while on your back and the bars slip? Initially, powders were used to help with this problem but it was never an efficient solution.

The new generation of gloves is designed to improve your grip regardless of how sweaty your hands might be.

Gloves also come in different designs and material some of which promote air circulation inside your hands which is extremely useful especially for individuals with sweating hands.

  • Pressure

Workout gloves are made with mild cushioning and other shock-absorbing materials which help in minimizing the amount of pressure your hands are receiving from the lifts. This is essential in that it helps to protect your hands and fingers against injuries while increasing their lifting capacity. Gloves will also protect your wrists from pressure. In the long term, therefore, wearing gloves helps to keep you away from injuries which means that you can spend more time working out for faster and better results.

  • Wrist Support

Other than protecting your wrists from pressure, the right pair of workout gloves will also offer maximum support to the ligaments and tendons around your wrists. Very few athletes pay attention to this area but ignoring it can easily lead to painful injuries that will slow down your progress.

Some of the gloves in the market are fitted with a wraparound wrist material that covers your wrist for both protection and support.

  • Increased Lift

How do workout gloves increase your lifting ability you may wonder? This all comes down to the distribution of weight on your hands. When you are lifting weights without any gloves, the load will be unevenly distributed. The fingers will be receiving different amounts of weight depending on their position and size. Your wrists will also be taking different weights which is both uncomfortable and dangerous.

Gloves act as a stabilizer or rather a flat surface. When you hold the bars on them, the weight will be distributed evenly to all fingers and the wrists which makes it much easier to lift. As a result, you will be able to increase the load quickly speeding up your progress.

  • Protection against calluses and blisters

Some of the weights and bars you spend hours holding in the gym are textured and this exposes you to the danger of getting calluses and blisters which can lead to bleeding. Now, imagine walking into your day-job office with blisters all over your hands! Shaking hands with clients could even become uncomfortable and embarrassing and this is the kind of issues gloves are trying to prevent. The cushioning and materials making gloves are uniquely designed to protect you from discomforts and pressure that causes blisters and calluses helping to keep your hands as smooth as possible.

The Best gym Gloves

In choosing the best gloves, there are certain factors that you always have to look for. In the list that we are about to give you, we have chosen these gloves after considering the following:


Some workout gloves are made of proprietary materials while others are made of neoprene, leather, Velcro double, and gel padding. The choice here is hence, a personal one depending on which material you feel comfortable with.

However, individuals with sweaty hands are probably better off choosing neoprene gloves because they are the best when it comes to preventing moisture accumulation. Meanwhile, if you are interested in solid support and a firmer grip, then leather gloves are your best pick. In short, when you are choosing the material you need to ask yourself what you want from the workout gloves and the condition of your hands.


The durability of the gym gloves goes hand in hand with the material used. The gym gloves you purchase must be comfortable but not at the price of their strength and durability. There is no point in having a comfortable pair of gloves that won’t last for more than two months. The cost of constantly replacing these gloves will get too costly something that you can avoid by buying durable gloves.

Generally, we’d expect gym gloves made of leather to be capable of withstanding the daily rigorous workouts but you can also purchase other gloves from trusted brands where quality is always guaranteed.


The last thing you’d ever need when lifting weights is having to deal with resistance from your own workout gloves. Gloves should be extremely flexible allowing you to close, open and flex your hands and wrists conveniently. This will make the exercises easier and will also protect you from injuries.


Gloves need to leave some minor space that allows your fingers to have breathing space and for better air circulation. Also, remember that when gloves are too tight they can affect blood circulation in your hands resulting in pale and numb fingers. Buy the most breathable gym gloves and they will ensure that you are always on top of your game.


The best gloves should have sufficient cushioning for your wrists, hands, and palms. Cushioning varies in size from brand to brand but the best are always made of proprietary materials. Cushioning will make sure that you are protected and your lifting ability is improved and that’s why you can’t afford to overlook it.

That said, here is our list of the best workout gloves:

  • Nordict Lifting Gloves

There are so many reasons why we love these workout gloves. Firstly, they are affordable yet so effective competing with other premium workout gloves. This pair is made using a combination of leather and silicone resulting in a firm and resilient piece with excellent aesthetics. They’ll definitely look amazing on your hands and they won’t let you down when it comes to performance.

The integrated neoprene material ensures that there’s ample ventilation inside making it an ideal choice for individuals with sweaty hands.

The entire designing and materials used have also made it extremely comfortable. It is snug enough to remain intact in your hands without feeling too tight. We also loved the wrist support which looks amazing and does a great job offering protection and promoting weight distribution.

The versatile nature of these gym gloves makes them usable for both weightlifting and cross-fit training.


  • 1-year hassle-free warranty
  • 12” wrist wraps
  • premium leather with reinforced stitching
  • excellent padding for maximum cushioning and support


  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Lightweight
  • The neoprene material used prevents moisture accumulation
  • Offers firm grip from the silicone palms


  • Some users complained of the wrist stitch wearing off too quickly


  1. Harbinger Men’s Weightlifting Gloves

The Harbinger Men’s Weight Lifting Gloves are perfectly designed for powerlifting. They are also among the most versatile gym gloves making them ideal for almost any kind of fitness training. To enhance durability and flexibility is a performance mesh integrated at the back of the gym gloves and between the fingers. Grip capabilities are, on the other hand, optimized by the used leather palms.

Cushioning in these gym gloves is offered by the open cell foam and the wrist closures are easily adjustable for easier and faster regulations.


  • Features a No-sweat lining that removes moisture
  • The adjustable wrist wraps provide protection and allow different users to adjust the pressure depending on their specific wrist size
  • The tech fabrics used are comfortable and highly flexible
  • The palm area is fitted with TechGel Comfort pads for extra protection


  • Durable
  • Premium stitching
  • Excellent padding
  • Very easy to clean
  • Adequate grip
  1. SEEU Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves

These gloves are designed to look fantastic and perform just as good something that they have undoubtedly achieved. They are made with a breathable and elastic material. This promotes both air circulation and flexibility of the hands allowing you to perform multiple functions conveniently.

They are enclosed with a Velcro material that’s integrated on the wrist wraps for maximum stability.


  • Available in three colors
  • Highly elastic mesh fabric boosts flexibility
  • Breathable mesh
  • 45cm wrist wrap fitted with Velcro closure


  • Breathable
  • Highly flexible
  • Offers excellent cushioning
  • High-quality stitching


  • Some users complained about the padding not being enough

Conclusion  on gym gloves

There are so many workout gloves out there and with the above list, we have taken the burden of having to go through all of them off your shoulders. These gym gloves are well-thought-out with hundreds of positive user reviews showing just how great they are. In case you want another kind of glove then you can just use the guide provided to understand what you need in a glove and we can assure you that you’ll get the right pair.

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