Xenadrine Review 2018-Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Xenadrine?


There are a lot of solutions available for weight loss but it’s hard to find a product which is both trustworthy and reliable. But here we have xenadrine, which is one of the most trustable solutions to the problem of weight loss.

It is the ultimate weight loss solution and is owned and distributed by Lovate Health Sciences International incorporation through online mode. Based on slimming power of caffeine it is a fat loss and energy boosting product.

The pills have some health benefits claims such as;

  • Intensifying one’s metabolism
  • Boosting one’s energy levels
  • Enhancing one’s mental sharpness, mood, focus and also overall brain functions
  • It burns fat fast


History of Xenadrine

It is a weight loss supplement and was first introduced in the year 2008. Even though it is called a supplement but still it is not like any ordinary ones. At first, most of the supplements can’t be taken on a regular basis and secondly, xenadrine has a specific purpose of helping you to lose weight whilst controlling your appetite.

There are rumors of this product getting banned but it wasn’t xenadrine which got banned but one of its ingredients. Ephedrine is that one of the ingredients which got banned by FDA in the year 2005. Even though Ephedrine got banned, xenadrine makers were quick to find a solution by altering their formula and replacing ephedrine with another ingredient.

Later Xenadrine was replaced by two new products; this product NRG and EFX with new formulas. They work equally and in some cases even better than original.

Furthermore, Xenadrine pills make sure that you don’t run out of energy whilst doing your mundane activities. They are formulated with ingredients that make you feel energetic even if you consume less food. Well, you won’t know until you try!


This product is packed with natural herbs just like any other dietary supplements which have slimming properties. The formula is dosed at 1035 mg per serving. The formula comprises of Robusta coffee beans extracts along with extracts of Yohimbe bark, spearmint leaf, autumn olive fruit, ashwagandha root & leaf with caffeine anhydrous, garcinia fruit, L-Theanine.

It also contains potent doses of fruit extracts, amino acids, stimulants, etc which are associated with weight loss.

Xenadrine Core

This has 620 mg proprietary blend, not much appealing but it does include effective ingredients such as green coffee bean extracts, L-Theanine, Caffeine anhydrous, and a lot more.

Well, the green coffee bean is the best ingredient for weight loss. The ingredient structure or panel of the product core is quite impressive.

But the proprietary blend dosed t only 620 mg can be the biggest turn-off.

Xenadrine Ultimate

This one uses two different proprietary blends and the ingredients are little less impressive than that of Xenadrine Core. But the potency is a bit higher than the core. Xenadrine has two dosages; Caffeine anhydrous of 200 mg and Robusta coffee bean of 200g. Solid doses of solid ingredient!

There are a few more ingredients but confidential and are hidden. But you can still consider the xenadrine products on the basis of other ingredients.

Working of Xenadrine

The basic ingredients of Xenadrine are the green coffee bean, caffeine, Yohimbe bark extract, garcinia cambogia, etc

  • Green Coffee bean is a slimming agent and quite popular due to its active compound called chlorogenic acid & caffeine. These compounds help in increasing energy levels along with metabolic levels and also enhance brain function.
  • Yohimbe bark is known to help in increasing blood flow and is widely used for infertility and sexually related disorders. Well, it also helps in weight loss and fitness as it has touted anabolic effects,
  • Caffeine anhydrous is a widely used ingredient in nootropic and weight loss markets. It affects one’s central nervous system whilst enhancing one’s mental sharpness, mood, focus along with cognitive functions. In addition, it has antioxidant benefits too.
  • Garcinia cambogia helps in inhibiting fat storage whilst providing satiety effects. Its effects come from powerful active compound hydroxycitric acid (HCA). In this product, you get 50% HCA with per serving
  • Spearmint helps in improving memory
  • L-Theanine is beneficial for high blood pressure & also mental disorders
  • Autumn Olive oil is great for reduction of cholesterol
  • Ashwagandha has anabolic & sexual enhancing effects

Does it really work?

It is a part of the competitive market which is full of weight loss supplements. There are many great supplements with promising results but do they really work?

Top weight loss supplements work in the same way but a good one needs a multi-faceted approach to the fat burning. The main aspect is to focus on destroying the accumulated fat in your body.

Secondly, the essential aspect is appetite suppression. Most of the weight loss supplements contain ingredients which suppresses one’s appetite. Why? Because when you are trying to get rid of fat then you must not even gain any otherwise it won’t be effective.

And finally, a weight loss supplement should be able to provide you energy because you won’t be eating much. This will help you to maximize your efficiency while at the gym and most of the weight loss supplements won’t work until you start working out.

Some people say that Xenadrine comprises of all of the above but some people are not sure about it.

Side effects of Xenadrine

Some consumers reported about the following things they suffered after intake of Xenadrine:

  • Jitteriness
  • Bloating
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Lower abdomen pain

Out of all the ingredients, there’s one more main ingredient, raspberry ketone, which is rich in vitamin C and may also give the pill a little sour smell.

Well, there aren’t many side effects of xenadrine but like in case of unpleasant smell, one might be a little sensitive in smell detection. Hence, some side effects can vary from people to people and are not due to the product consumption but them

You don’t have to worry regarding any side effects as our body has the capacity and ability to deal with these types of natural caffeine. Well tea, coffee, etc have the same type of natural caffeine in them and there are no side effects of them.

Pros & Cons


  • There are two different versions of xenadrine available which gives you the freedom to choose from.
  • There are pretty extensive and different ingredients in both of the versions of Xenadrine.
  • The ingredients used in both of them are high quality and proven
  • Most of the reviews from consumers are positive


  • Both of the versions of xenadrine use proprietary blends.
  • Both of them have low potency when compared with other weight loss supplements.


Well both of the versions of xenadrine have great qualities without any doubts. There are some impressive ingredients used in both of them and have promising results along. Furthermore, though the overall potency of both the versions is quite lower than other weight loss supplements available in the market it still is worthy.  Usually, fat burners or weight loss supplements are expected to have higher potency as much as twice. So maybe you can research about other weight loss supplements or fat burners and then compare them with xenadrine before making a decision for yourself.


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