YK11 Review 2019- Benefits & Side effects of This SARM-

The history of YK-11

YK11 is becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason too. This compound is believed to have similar effects to steroids but without all the undesirable side effects. While there are a lot of positive reviews available online, it is only wise to know what this compound is made of and how it works. Below is a detailed YK-11 review that highlights how this compound works and how it can be used for those looking to build muscle fast but safely.

Chemical Composition

The chemical structure of yk-11 is quite similar to that of steroids. It is derived from testosterone as a synthetic steroid. This does not mean that the compound is a steroid. Actually, it is classified as a SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator in full. Given that this is an androgen receptor, it delivers the same results as other androgens receptors.

Unlike other SARMs, this compound comes with a steroid backbone. This possibly explains why it is more effective and is classified among the most potent SARMs. It, however, comes without the adverse side effects associated with steroids.

How does it work?

YK-11 attaches itself to an androgen receptor. This prompts muscle cells to produce more anabolic factors that in turn leads to increased muscle growth. Unlike most SARMS that come with limited androgenic effects, this compound performs much better. In a past study, the effect of this compound on muscle cells was proven to be much higher. In this study, it was found that the muscle cells produced more anabolic compounds when exposed to 500nmol of this compound than when exposed to testosterone.

It is safe to say that yk-11 just like any other SARM is designed to help with muscle growth. It has been proven that the compound promotes muscle growth, muscle retention, and the growth of new muscle cells. Its side effects are minimal and cannot be compared to the side effects of steroids available in the market. This possibly explains why it is receiving a lot of attention as many are looking for a solution that is safe and works to enhance muscle growth.

This compound works great for those looking to build muscle mass. The compound is also ideal for people who want to maintain the amount and quality of their muscles and keep fat cells at bay.

How YK-11 compares to testosterone

Testosterone is a vital hormone found in the human body. This hormone works both as a sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. In case of decreasing testosterone levels in the body, this hormone is introduced in the form of an injection. Given the fact that the hormone as works as a steroid, it is used by people looking to grow more muscle, increase vitality, and generally enhance their body strength.

As highlighted above, yk 11 and testosterone are similar in structure and function. The only difference is that while yk 11 is created to work on specific cells, testosterone works on more cells in the body. Anything beyond the natural levels in the blood leads to undesirable side effects such as prostrate growth. Taking testosterone for a prolonged period is therefore not advisable as the benefits are nothing compared to the harm this hormone can cause when taken in large amounts.

When testosterone is injected into the body, what follows are spikes and lows in the blood. The effect of yk 11 is a bit different. The compound reacts to specific tissues so fluctuations and their side effects are minimal. It also helps that the compound is taken orally which is both convenient and relatively safe when compared to injections.

Though SARMs are considered to be much safer than testosterone and other steroids, it is important to note that moderation is key. This compound should be taken in moderation and users should follow the doctor’s instructions as far as dosage is concerned. High amounts of the compound can be damaging to the liver and also heighten the few undesirable side effects it comes with. The compound can, however, be taken for a considerable duration of time for muscle building purposes.

Testosterone therapy has been documented to lead to sleeping problems, acne, and blood clots and stroke in extreme cases. This compound comes with none of these side effects. It is, therefore a safer alternative that works as good if not better than testosterone in promoting muscle growth and a stronger and better-looking body.

YK-11 for Body Building

This compound is primarily designed to help with muscle growth. It works in more ways than one to promote the development of muscle cells and ensure muscle retention. The compound also works to help burn fat and decrease the overall amount of fats deposited in the body.

When introduced in the body, yk-11 tablets ensure that muscle cells develop at a much faster rate. The compound also strengthens existing muscle mass. Because the compound is selective, users get to see results much faster and get better results.

This compound is designed to help people whose genetic makeup prevents them from acquiring significant muscle mass. This is because it also acts as a myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is a protein that inhibits the growth of muscle in the body. Some people naturally have a high amount of this protein in their bodies. Such people rarely acquire significant muscle mass even when they use available muscle building solutions. Thanks to yk-11, people who are naturally disadvantaged where muscle growth is concerned can also get to grow their muscles to the levels they desire.

This compound can be used by anyone looking to grow their muscles. Though it is considered safe, people with preexisting medical conditions should, first of all, get the go-ahead to use from their physician. A physician will be in a better position to explain how the compound will work and the effect it will have on medication taken to manage the condition involved.

Anyone taking another SARM can swap it for this compound. For one, is potent and delivers results faster. It also comes without the numerous side effects associated with SARM. in short, it offers a safer solution to muscle growth for all. It is not clear whether it is safe to use this compound together with other SARMs. What is clear is the fact that it is highly potent and a single dose delivers much better results when compared to most if not all other SARMs such as Lgd 4033 and Ostarine

To ensure great results, anyone taking this compound should stay active and engage in regular exercise. The effect on the body is different for every individual since all our bodies are different. Results, however, are guaranteed as long as the user takes them as instructed and also stays active as this is necessary for natural muscle growth and development.

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YK11 Side Effects

  • Hair growth
  • This can be a positive or negative side effect. For users who would also like to boost their hair growth, this is a welcome side effect. Some people may also be put off by the increased hair growth. Getting rid of this excess hair is however easy and it does not seem like such a big deal especially when one experiences considerable muscle growth.
  • Some steroids are known to cause hair loss when used for some time. This compound is ideal for people who have experienced hair loss as a result of using steroids and are looking for a quick and effective solution to help them grow their hair back.
  • Effect on prostate
  • It has been noted that this compound does not cause any androgenic effects on the prostate. Unlike most steroids that are also known to lead to prostate enlargement, this compound has no effect on the prostate. Men can, therefore, use without having to worry about prostate enlargement and associated problems.
  • Dependency issues

No cases of dependency where YK-11 is concerned has been documented. Many users have been able to discontinue using the compound with minimal if any effects. That said, users are advised to always stay with the recommended dosage. This is because the long-term effects of high amounts of these compounds are not yet known.

Other effects

  • Enhanced aggression has been noted in people taking this compound. Though this has no effect on the body, enhanced aggression should be controlled. People experiencing enhanced aggression are advised to lower their daily intake and the problem will simply go away. This problem is however rarely observed in people taking the recommended dosage on a daily basis.
  • Breast enlargement is a common side effect associated with testosterone therapy. This compound does not cause any significant increase in the size of breasts in both males and females. Some people have, however, noted some twitching and a slight change in breast appearance after continued use.
  • Users should always be on the lookout for other side effects. If the side effects are adverse, the use of this compound should be discontinued. It would also be advisable to visit a knowledgeable physician who can explain why these side effects are happening and whether they come with far-reaching consequences.

Recommended Dosage

A dosage of 5mg per day is recommended. Anything below this will not deliver notable results. People who have used other SARMs can take up to 10mg of this compound in a day. The 10mg dosage is also ideal for anyone looking to grow considerable muscle mass in a relatively short time.

A daily dosage of more than 10mgs is considered unsafe. Most people who have used more than 10mgs daily have also experienced a range of undesirable side effects.

Where to buy YK11?

The yk-11 supplement is sold as a supplement in health stores across the country. Users can buy the supplement from health store nearest to them without any difficulty. There are also numerous sellers available online.

When buying online or in health stores, people need to be careful and only ensure that they buy from a credible supplier. This is the only way one can get the right product and at the recommended dosage. Ensure that the product you purchase actually contain this compound and where possible no other active ingredient. Counterfeit products exist and you need to ensure that you do not purchase these low-quality products.

Some online sellers cannot be trusted and it is always wise to do a background check before placing your order. Check out what other buyers have to say about the seller in question and the yk 11 products that the seller offers. Since this is something that you will be taking possibly on a daily basis, leave nothing to chance and ensure that the product you take home will not only work but is also safe for you.

Different sellers offer their products at different prices. Compare the different prices and settle for the best bargain you get. Expensive does not automatically translate to quality and you should not go with the most expensive seller. Remember though that cheap can be expensive in the long run. You should always ensure that you only use quality products especially in situations where your health is concerned.

Conclusion on YK-11

The yk-11 compound is without a doubt one of the most effective anabolic steroids available today. The compound shows a lot of promise in the bodybuilding market. It has already been proven that the compounds work great to promote the growth and development of muscle mass in the body. It helps that is generally safe and can be used by all people. Unlike steroids, this compound is selective and only works on specific cells. It also doesn’t come with the adverse side effects associated with other steroids.

If you are not sure whether this yk-11 muscle-building solution is ideal for you, ask your physician or trainer for guidance. You should also check out the numerous reviews available online. This way, you will get more detailed information about the compound and the results that you should expect. You will also be in a better position to determine whether this compound will be ideal for you or not.

People taking other drugs for one reason or another are advised to get a clearance from a physician before starting to take this compound. To be safe, one should not take other drugs together with this compound. People who experience adverse side effects from taking yk 11 should also stop taking it immediately before visiting the doctor.

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