ZQuiet Review 2018- Benefits & side effects (Updated July 2019)

What is ZQuiet ?

You can find a thousand solutions for putting a stop on snoring or to help you out to get rid of it. But do they all work? Do they have any side effects? Are they safe to use? There might be a thousand questions in your mind just like these before you opt out for one of them. But what makes them so confident about the product’s effectiveness?
To help you avoid all these questions and help you to choose the one which will work for you, here’s a review on ZQuiet. ZQuiet is one of the solutions you will find out in the market to get rid of your bad snoring habits. You can also find many positive consumer reviews on ZQuiet.
Let’s begin our review of the product ZQuiet Anti Snoring Mouth Piece!


What does FDA have to say about ZQuiet?

FDA cleared ZQuiet as a class II medical device as not only because it was successfully proven to have been made out of safe materials but also because the product is effective and all the claims are true.
Well, the FDA’s job is to protect the people of America from the goods which aren’t effective enough or are dangerous for their usage or consumption. Before forwarding a product to the market it tests the food or drugs and makes sure that the product actually satisfies the consumer’s needs.

About ZQuiet’s Company

This ZQuiet Mouth Piece was made by Dan and Katrina Webster who is a couple and was having the same problem of snoring. Their company Sleeping Well LLC, Vermont was registered back in the year 2008. Avery Lieberman, DDS was hired by them to gain credibility of the product.
The time when they hired Avery Lieberman, he already had an experience of more than 20 years in the field of sleep medicine. Therefore, the couple along with Lieberman worked together as a team to make this product known as ZQuiet.

How does ZQuiet work?

A lot of other devices were used for a study and they explained that when someone’s jaw is held in a forward position then it can give them a relief from snoring in a lot of cases. This similar principle is used by ZQuiet to help in eliminating snoring. Therefore, you just have to hold your jaw in the right position to let the airways stay open. Though this theory behind ZQuiet sounds pretty convincing but still is it the best way to get rid of the snores?

How is ZQuiet Different?

As defined, snoring occurs due to the vibration of the tissues whilst ZQuiet arranges your jaw in the right position which leads to wide airways and hence you can get rid of the snoring. But when compared with other products which claim to get rid of snoring too how does ZQuiet stand out on its own?
The feature in ZQuiet is known as Living Hinge Technology. Living Hinge Technology helps you to get rid of the discomfort caused by MADs and permits a natural movement of your mouth. Whilst a lot of other MADs come with a boil-and-bite feature to help the device fit into your mouth, ZQuiet is ready to use as soon as it is out of the box. ZQuiet doesn’t require any fittings, molding processes, alterations, etc…

The special feature of ZQuiet is a two-step comfort system which allows you to get two different jaw positions at the price for one. It also has a contour cutout design has airflow posts along with being streamlined. Therefore, you can breathe through both your nose and mouth during your sleep. Furthermore, it also features mouth movement which means if you want to drink some water in the middle of the night or your sleep time then you can drink water without removing the device from your mouth!

Side Effects

Your tongue may feel a little more sensitive than usual; a few users have reported this side effect to the ZQuiet Mouthpiece and are mundane between lots of people. Furthermore, there’s nothing to worry about this side effect as it only lasts for a few weeks. So, before coming to a conclusion on the product you must take some time so that your body gets enough time to adopt the changes caused by the product.
A few more, actually the majority of the consumers also reported regarding excessive salvation due to using the mouthpiece. They said they would wake up with a lot of drool onto their pillow and again this side effect lasted for a few weeks and went away.
So you may consider a mouthpiece made up of silicone if you have an abnormal jawline to prevent teeth loss. If you consider a mouthpiece made up of silicone then it will adjust according to your mouth which simply means you can easily avoid discomfort along with unnecessary pain or ache.

Pros and Cons:

Though ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece seems pretty impressive and stands out from the crowd it still has a few cons and negative points too along with the positive ones. So before taking a decision let’s see the pros and cons of ZQuiet!

What you may like about ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece:

  • It doesn’t require to be removed if you want t talk/ speak or drink water.
  • It moves along with your jaw which makes it comfortable to wear
  • If you grind your teeth while sleeping then it might help you in providing some protection
  • It fits in your mouth and helps you to get rid of snoring!


  • ZQuiet Anti-snoring Mouth Piece is developed by a seasoned dentist
  • The compact design of ZQuiet makes it easy to wear in your mouth.
  • FDA cleared ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece as a Class II medical device
  • The material used is medical graded; hence it is soft and doesn’t create any irritations while being durable.
  • The thermoplastic material used for making ZQuiet is also free of BPA and Latex
  • You can easily clean and wash it with toothpaste and a toothbrush or with a dish soap, whichever you prefer.
  • You don’t have to deal with the process of fitting as the material is soft enough to be trimmed & filled according to your preference.
  • The Living Hinge Technology refers to the anti-snoring mouthpiece being flexible enough so that you can speak and freely move your mouth while you are wearing it.
  • The ports for airflow permits a small and slight opening of your mouth which allows enough air to flow while you sleep or take a nap
  • They charge the shipping first and after 30 to 35 days they charge you $79.95 so, you can try it for 30 days at the fair pricing of $9.95


  • You can’t use ZQuiet Mouth Piece if you have got loose teeth
  • As ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is one size it may not fit everyone. Though you can trim it if it’s big still you can’t do anything if it is small
  • In some cases, if someone is not used to wearing oral devices then it might cause jaw soreness
  • Some consumers reported about the longevity of the product; they said the product require replacement very soon as it has a short lifespan
  • In some cases, it causes drooling/ temporary excessive solution
  • Some consumers reported collapsing of the mouthpiece after softening of the product soon after a few uses

What you may not like about ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouth Piece:

  • It comes in one size which claims to fit all; you can trim it according to your requirement but if it’s too small then you can’t do anything
  • It might work for you instantly or not at all; the reviews are both negative and positive for the product and depends on your jaw too
  • If you have loose teeth or if you wear dentures then you can’t use it
  • A few customers reported pain in the jaw later in the morning.
  • As it stays in your mouth all the while you sleep; it might make you drool
  • Other consumers reported irritation and discomfort while wearing the mouthpiece for longer
  • What the consumers have to say about ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouth Piece?
  • Although, I personally haven’t tried ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouth Piece because I don’t need to but the customers seem quite happy with this device. They say it’s comfortable and also effective and most of them are impressed!

If you look at the reviews on the pages of ZQuiet and on the internet then you can find a lot of Positive reviews on ZQuiet Anti Snoring Mouth Piece. While along with some positive reviews the customers also have to say that it isn’t much durable, the material is very thin, it doesn’t mould in the mouth other than that the good feature above these problems is the hinge which allows movement of the mouth and you can easily talk or drink without removing the mouthpiece. The big problem with this device is that it may work instantly for you depending upon the fitting and if it holds your jaw in the right upright position or not; other than that it may not work if these are not correct.

What is ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouth Piece great for?

ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouth Piece is specifically designed to make it both soft and flexible. If you are used to using these types of oral devices then you must know how irritated it can make you feel, but if so then you won’t be disappointed after switching to ZQuiet. S the material is soft it doesn’t feel hard or harsh when it’s in your mouth. It takes up lot less space compared to the other devices available and the airports make sure that your airways get supplied with enough air while you are sleeping. If you have any mouth allergies or nasal polyps, sinus, etc then this is perfect to be used as a mouth breather too!

Who can’t wear ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouth Piece?

As even after being soft and flexible it still is a MAD which makes it unsuitable for the people with dentures to use. The site for the product doesn’t say anything about people who can wear it with crowns or loose teeth. But still, it is not recommended to use it if you have any of those. If you are not comfortable with a device sitting right in your mouth then you can also go for other tongue stabilizing products available out there. It would provide the discomfort of having something so big in your mouth and it will hold your tongue instead of your whole mouth. So again you get something as comfortable as effective!

Price ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouth Piece

The best thing about ZQuiet after being so comfortable and effective is that comes at a low price too! You can have a look at their official website which says you can have it for as less as $9.95 along with shipping and handling for a 30 Day trial period.
If you want then you can decide onto keeping this product for more than 30 days and then you would have to pay $79.95 which now takes you to a total of 89.9 in addition with that tax and Shipping & Handling Costs. This costing for the product makes it a better choice if you are having a strict budget!
If you would like to return the product then you have a time limit of day 45 for taking further actions. This adds 10 more days to get it returned to the manufacturer, so you’re now good to go!


ZQuiet anti snoring mouthpiece is designed very well and claims to treat your snoring habits. The biggest benefit you get with this product is the material which is not only soft and comfortable which makes it easy to move your mouth but also it is BPA or Latex free which makes it safer to use. The customers are also impressed with the effectiveness of ZQuiet Anti Snoring Mouth Piece and it can be clearly seen in the review boxes on the website.

With thousands of other devices which claim to help you get rid of your snoring problem ZQuiet seems pretty promising and stands out of the crowd due to its unique features. The material is safe and cleared by FDA which means you don’t have to worry about any side effects caused due to the material. Along with being safe, it is also soft and flexible and hence it helps you to feel comfortable. The feature which I like the most about ZQuiet Anti Snoring Mouth Piece is the Living Hinge Technology which allows you to move your mouth freely when the device is in. This technology helps you to talk and even drink water without removing the mouthpiece.
Moreover, it also allows you to try it for as long as 30 days which I guess is enough for you to help you decide whether it is a worthy device or not. If you are not satisfied then you can return until day 45 which is more amazing! Other than a few minor side effects which haven’t been proved true yet, I think ZQuiet is good enough device to buy.

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