What are widowmaker sets, and why should you do them? (updated July 2019)

widowmaker sets

What are widowmakers?

Widowmakers are something Dante Trudell came up with.
They are nicknamed this, due to the pure effort required to complete the set. It is absolutely brutal.  Brutal to the point, in which depending on the exercise you choose to do them on, you will want to pass out.

These can be done on ANY exercise, bench press, overhead press, pullups, squats etc…

But they are mostly used for squats as a post failure training technique, as other methods are too risky. The widowmaker, is essentially a 20 rep set, but used in a similar fashion as a rest pause set.

To do a widowmaker, you need to choose a weight in which you can perform for about 8-12 reps, and then hit failure.
Once you hit failure, you need to breathe 2 or 3 times, and complete another 1 or 2 reps. Breathe a few times and repeat, until you hit 20 reps.
Now, you have been warned, these are absolutely fucking brutal, you may just die (hence the name, widowmaker,  actually ignore that, im exaggerating, you won’t die, but you will want to be dead by the end of it).

Now, when you are doing widowmakers, you probably won’t train legs more than twice a week, at first they may be sore for more than a week, so don’t expect to recover that fast from them.

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